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Vulcanized Rubber Sheets/Sheeting Wide

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 1 Meter of high quality vulcanized rubber. If ordering more than 1 the sheet will be one continuous piece.

The waterproof rubber sheets are usually placed under bed sheets directly against the mattress. Our sheets are about 35" wide (90cm) but can be sold in any length up to 10 metres. Sold by meter. One meter is more than one yard (one meter = 1.094 yards). 
Price per meter (one meter = 1.094 yards)

Blue, white,  black, pink and naturalThe rubber comes powdered for easy handling and storage. Once the powder is washed off the colours become much brighter.

Technical composition:

Natural/Nude: Natural Rubber 84%, Activators 4.21%, Accelerators 3.24%, Silica 8.41%

White and other colours: Natural rubber 69.00%, Activators 7.80%, Accelerators 2.25%, Silica 20.93%

Vulcanized rubber sheeting

Product of Malaysia