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Large Diaper Pail Deodorizer Discs - 40
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Large Diaper Pail Deodorizer Discs - 40

Was: €25.97
Now: €24.12

Are you tired of unpleasant odors taking over your home and causing embarrassment? Managing incontinence can be tough enough without the added stress of strong smells. But fear not! Our natural...

Ideal Fit Plastic Pants - Red

Ideal Fit Plastic Pants - Red

€13.91 - €16.69

Our comfort plastic pant has a whole new fit and feel.  This Ideal Fit features more practical sizing and leg openings. Plastic (PVC) pants are the most common and affordable pant for managing...

ABZ Pin Free Diaper Fasteners
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ABZ Pin Free Diaper Fasteners


ABZ Diaper Fasteners - 4 ABZ fasteners are a convenient and safe way to fasten cloth diapers. You can finally toss the pins. As easy as ABZ.  They are suitable for all sizes of diapers from...

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Rearz Healing Baby Powder
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Rearz Healing Baby Powder

Was: €12.05
Now: €8.34

Rearz Clay Adult Baby Powder gently and naturally absorbs moisture protecting skin from diaper rashes. Provides excellent, all natural healing attributes for even the rawest rashes. All Natural - No...


What Our Customers Are Saying

I save time and money with recurring orders every month! No more worries about stock levels or when to place my next order.



I always trust InControl products for my daily needs and their staff is always there to answer my questions.



They have been helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly whenever I have communicated with them. Laurie, the owner, appears to care greatly about her customers. I especially love doing business with them as they are a fully owned and operated 100% Canadian company. Thanks for doing a great job!



I had to order products for my grandfather, after years of looking for products that work for him we found InControl. Their products just work, no leaks and he has never been happier!



Very good customer service both on the phone and at their storefront. Website was easy to navigate and use for placing an order for warehouse pick up.



InControl treats their customers like family, no judgements and always there to help with any question I have.



Caring for my incontinence was always a struggle. By switching to InControl’s products I no longer worry about leaks or having to change at a moments notice. I feel free to be myself again!



Excellent staff from my experience, quick and discreet shipping!



I had no idea products could be this good! No more leaks!



After child birth I experienced some mild incontinence issues. InControl Diaper's customer service was able to help me feel comfortable in my own skin again. Thank You!


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