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#047 Silvery Vinyl Pants

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Silvery Vinyl Pants are a regular cut that falls around the naval.  A very sturdy and comfortable pant.

These are a gorgeous silvery coloured pant. It has a smooth and frosty look with a light sheen.

White Elastic binding is comfortable and soft.

  • Small for waist  and hips. Leg-opening: 
  • Medium for waist  and hips to . Leg-opening: 
  • Large for waist  and hips to . Leg-opening: 
  • X-Large for waists  and hips . Leg-opening: 


  Size    Waist   Hip   Leg
  Small 26"-38" (66cm-97cm) up to 38" (97cm) 12"
  Medium 29"-42" (74cm-106cm) up to 42" (106cm) 13"
  Large 31"-49" (79cm-125cm) up to 49" (125cm) 13.5"
  X-Large 45" to 65" (115cm-165cm) up to to 65" (165cm) 16"


Hand wash in mild laundry detergent. Towel/hang dry.