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Diaper Covers

Premium adult diaper covers, used for protection over cloth diapers or any other incontinence product for extra protection from leaks. Available in multiple different fabrics from Plastic, Rubber, and PUL. Various designs available no matter your incontinence needs.

  • Vinyl Incontinence Bloomers

    Vinyl Incontinence Bloomers

    CA$34.04 - CA$49.03

    Bloomers are fantastic for those who do not like tight fitting garments.   Bloomers are designed primarily to prevent leaks in a sitting or lying position. They are made in the soft and durable vinyl materials in assorted colours...

  • Christy High Cut Rubber Pants

    Christy High Cut Rubber Pants

    CA$27.23 - CA$28.59

    Rubber pants are very soft, stretchy and the best at reducing odors. Perfect for extended nighttime wear. Christy nighttime pants have a higher waistline that falls above the naval to ensure full coverage throughout the night. Christy pants are a...

  • Nude (discontinued)

    Low Cut Christy Rubber Pants

    CA$24.51 - CA$27.23

    Rubber pants are very soft, stretchy and the best at reducing odors. The low cut rubber pants are perfect for discreet protection over disposable incontinence briefs or absorbent pads. Rubber pants reduce the noise of plastic backed disposables to...

  • On Sale!
    Beta Frosty Pants - Low - XL

    Beta Frosty Pants - Low - XL

    Was: CA$17.70
    Now: CA$13.61

    Low Cut Silver Frosted Plastic Pant. These are a gorgeous silvery coloured pant with black comfort elastics. The vinyl is frosty-transparent smooth and strong. It has a silvery sheen. These fall aproximately 2" below the naval. Size guide: Small for...

  • Susan Bikini Cut PVC Pant

    Susan Bikini Cut PVC Pant


     #114 SUSAN SHORT HYGIENIC VINYL PANT:  Made in the same material and style (wide crotch) as the #140 pants but the waist elastics are about 3" (8cm) lower. These short vinyl (PVC) pants are suitable for a hot climate or for mild leaks or...

  • On Sale!
    Nighttime Extra Roomy Rubber Briefs

    Nighttime Extra Roomy Rubber Briefs

    Was: CA$44.94
    Now: CA$20.42

    The nighttime extra roomy rubber pant is a fabulous design if you need extra room in the hip/bum area for very bulky cloth or thick disposable briefs.  These pants feature an extra wide crotch and hip measurement with high waist and wide elastics...

  • On Sale!

    Essential Rubber Pants

    CA$17.70 - CA$39.49

    Rubber garments are very soft, stretchy and the best at reducing odors.  Rubber is comfortable and has a skin like texture for the most natural feel. A wide crotch, about 8.5" (21cm) for the small size and about 10" (25cm) for the extra-large size,...

  • On Sale!
    Reversible Flannel Plastic Pant

    Reversible Flannel Plastic Pant

    Was: CA$34.04
    Now: CA$24.51

    This is a reversible cover with soft brushed cotton on one side and soft waterproof TPU lining on the other. It is very soft and comfortable. Features generous elastic at the waist and legs for a snug fit and to prevent leaks. Cut is similar to a full...