The Ultimate All in One Solution for Day or Night

Designed to contain both bladder and bowel incontinence with ease. These briefs are thin enough to wear during the day but absorbent enough for nighttime use. With a sturdy but soft to the touch plastic outer layer to help contain and stop any leaks. The all-new super absorbent core has been ISO lab tested and is one of the highest on the market today! Featuring extra tall leaks guards that extend to the length of the brief to offer an extra layer of protection from leaks, and to correctly contain booster pads without shifting or the need to recenter.


The Next Generation of Adult Incontinence Briefs

This brief features Hook and Loop tape technology, which allow for an infinite number of adjustments throughout the day. The landing zone has an easy to use fastening guide to aid self applicators and caregivers to get the perfect fit everytime. To ensure a perfect fit, we have also included our super soft and stretchy elastics in both the legs and waistbands (Front & Back). 

Size Fit Best Fit ISO Case Quantity
Medium 28"-44"  28"-40" 5217g    3 bags of 12
Large 31"-55" 36"-50" 5435g    3 bags of 12
3 bags of 12


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Good comfort and absorbancy for the price!

JB on 2020 Jun 5th

These have become a daily go-to brief for me. The hook and loop system is secure and allows for adjusting the fit as needed throughout wear. Absorbancy is good when sitting, standing, or laying on your back. The rear waist does rise a little higher than normal for me, but can easily be tucked in. The material is soft and comfortable out of the package.

Great Diaper, great absorbency

Chris Teddy on 2020 Jun 3rd

I love this diaper. It is very absorbent. I wear this diaper for hours and I'm always dry. Plastic is soft and strong. Velcro tabs hold very good. I'll buy again but next time XL, finally you sell it

Elite Hybrid review

Sugary Senior on 2020 Jun 2nd

The Product: Typical REARZ high quality. Superb capacity; above average odor control; excellent fit; "hook and loop" is not my favorite, but does work well. With a "little boost" can serve for 14+ hours. This is an excellent night time choice. The Vendor: FREE SHIPPING IS UPS--first class service! Discounts and specials make this a superior seller. Communication and tracking are excellent. They may become my "go to" seller of choice.

Excellent Overnight Diaper

Shawn on 2020 Jun 1st

Excellent diaper for overnight. I wear a large in most diapers and the large Elite fits me well. The Hook and Loop tapes hold extremely well and do allow for multiple adjustments without losing efficacy, while the shell uses a heavier duty plastic that minimizes stretching, allowing for a snug fit until a change is required. The shape of the shell and padding is what really makes the Elite work well for overnight. The pad reaches higher in front (great for guys) and back to help prevent leaks when prone. The pad wings go wider and lower, which help prevent leaks for side sleepers and back sleepers. The pad is also wider than normal through the crotch, which helps move urine to the back. All these features make it one of the best diapers I have ever used for bedtime. I output about 1500mL while sleeping (3x normal). The Elite allows me to get ready for bed early (200-300mL), sleep (1500mL), get up, have breakfast, and read the news (400-500mL) without leaks or needing to change. The Elite is also a great diaper for daytime, but the extra wide crotch can chafe if somewhat active, so it is not always the best choice. If there is one thing I would like changed, it would be taller (deeper) leak guards. Final note: Elites are very suitable for wearing in front of health professionals, in the hospital, etc.

Elite diaper

Kyma on 2020 May 29th

An amazing diaper. Have not had a leak yet. Really does what it is suppose to do

Incredible disposable diapers for the Big Baby!

R D on 2020 May 27th

If you're like me, you're into the vintage look: plain white, like the diapers we wore as babies, nothing ornate. They're diapers, after all. Well, you get all this and more with Elites: secure fit, superb absorbency, strong & snug tapes, super-softness inside & out, rapid-wicking, long-lasting wetness protection...and excellent value! The performance of these diapers sets the benchmark for what all adult diapers should be: not just Big Baby diapers but medical diapers, too. Excellent product AND value from InControl...thank you!

Incontrol elite

Peter O'Doherty on 2020 May 26th

Works great! Love the hook and loop, makes diaper stay in place and can be refastened.

Great for everyday

Brady on 2020 May 26th

I saw these on sale and thought I'd give them a try...wish I would have ordered more than 1 case! They wick well, arent super bulky, and hold plenty enough to get me through most days. I'm a big fan of the refastenable velcro tapes on the plastic diaper....i think this is where all products will move to in the future. If is see these on saw again I'll stock up for the year