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Incontrol Elite Hybrid Adult Incontinence Diapers

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The Ultimate All in One Solution for Day or Night

Designed to contain both bladder and bowel incontinence with ease. These briefs are thin enough to wear during the day but absorbent enough for nighttime use. With a sturdy but soft to the touch plastic outer layer to help contain and stop any leaks. The all-new super absorbent core has been ISO lab tested and is one of the highest on the market today! Featuring extra tall leaks guards that extend to the length of the brief to offer an extra layer of protection from leaks, and to correctly contain booster pads without shifting or the need to recenter.


The Next Generation of Adult Incontinence Briefs

This brief features Hook and Loop tape technology, which allow for an infinite number of adjustments throughout the day. The landing zone has an easy to use fastening guide to aid self applicators and caregivers to get the perfect fit everytime. To ensure a perfect fit, we have also included our super soft and stretchy elastics in both the legs and waistbands (Front & Back). 

Size Fit Best Fit ISO Case Quantity
27 -36"  27" -34"       4928g    3 bags of 12
Medium 28"-44" 28"-40" 5217g    3 bags of 12
Large 31"-55" 36"-50" 5435g    3 bags of 12
   3 bags of 12

2 per trial, 12 per bag, 36 per case

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  • 5
    Hybrid Briefs

    Posted by Roger on 2021 Jan 9th

    These are really a superior solution to many other products that I have tried on the market. I need periodic protection for longer periods of time and these really fit well are very comfortable to wear, absorbent and give a great sense of well being, and security. I will be ordering more to keep in reserve.

  • 5
    Great diapers

    Posted by Ken on 2021 Jan 5th

    These hold a lot. Like the Velcro type tabs. Earlier to adjust.without ruining the landing zone.

  • 5
    Most amazing diaper ever

    Posted by Zoey on 2020 Dec 15th

    I love these diapers they child so much I can make it thru a while 12 hour shift at work and don't have to ever worry about leaking or changing. I love the refastinable Velcro hook and loop tabs and the tap guide on the front it help put it back in place if I ever have to go #2. These are by far the best diapers I have ever used.

  • 5
    Very comfortable

    Posted by Nelson on 2020 Dec 6th

    Best diaper around! They are absorbent and when you put them on best way to describe them is like a hug! I use many different brand, 4 different rearz style and this is my all time favourite! Great for night time and day time a wear them anywhere

  • 5
    My new favorite diaper

    Posted by Erica on 2020 Dec 6th

    I have to say these are my new favorite diaper. They are so absorbent, letting me know I'm secure while wearing them for long periods of time. Also, I love the refasten able tapes, and I've had no issues with them. This is an excellent diaper for day and nighttime use. Love it.

  • 5

    Posted by Michael on 2020 Dec 5th

    The elite diapers are my favor diapers they never leak on me and I feel confident wearing them and using them. Day or night. Truly my go to staple.

  • 5
    Incontrol elite hybrid reveiw

    Posted by Matt Johnson on 2020 Nov 9th

    I think that these are the best adult diaper brief on the market. The absorbency is perfect for me !

  • 4
    Very good product.

    Posted by C.B. on 2020 Nov 3rd

    The absorbency and quick wicking is top notch when compared to other diapers/briefs in the 5000+ ML absorbency range. The claim you can now sleep on your side without experiencing diaper leakage is mostly accurate but the more saturated the pad, the less is the effect of this benefit (for obvious reasons). Fitment is great, and the diaper proves to be nicely comfortable. My only issue is the "velcro"-type tapes (sometimes referred to as "magic tapes". I am not sure why the push to use them, as they DO NOT like twisting or yawing movement, and I have found myself often having to readjust the lower tabs. Quite annoying when you are busy (as I usually am) and trying not to have your hands down your pants in public settings (such as the office). As a night time diaper, it works amazingly well. That is, of course, if you are not a tosser and turner as it is quite unlikely that you will readjust your tabs/tapes while in a slumber-like state. Improvements suggested are few at best, and would include the change of tapes to the super strong/sticky tapes found on DinoRawrs and InControl + diapers/briefs, a pleasant fragrance (or scent/deodorizer), and a removal of the wetness indicator (save the money for the other improvements). They may serve some purpose for caregivers but as users, we know when the brief/diaper needs changing, and well-trained support personnel have a keen on on such matters as well. (Besides, if the diaper is saturated long enough (ie: overnight), the wetness indicator line dissolves fading from view completely.) Finally impression of this product. A great product for its "maiden voyage/release" with only a couple of minor improvements recommended (with no downgrading, of course).

  • 4
    Elite Hybrid Briefs

    Posted by Andre on 2020 Oct 26th

    They are really comfortable and pleasant to wear (softness). They are also very absorbent. I appreciate them very much. I feel good when I wear it and above all safe.