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Incontrol Elite Incontinence Diapers

USD$5.99 - USD$71.99
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Hypoallergenic Ultimate Solution for Day and Night

Experience the ultimate protection and comfort with the hypoallergenic Elite Incontinence Briefs. Safe for sensitive skin, these briefs effectively manage both bladder and bowel incontinence, with a trim design for day wear and ample absorbency for nighttime use. The sturdy yet soft plastic outer layer prevents leaks, while the highly absorbent core has been ISO lab tested for superior performance. The extra-tall leak guards extend the length of the brief for added protection, and secure booster pads in place without shifting.

Innovative Incontinence Protection

Our next-generation incontinence briefs feature a hook and loop tape system for unlimited adjustability and a fastening guide for easy application. The soft and stretchy elastics in the legs and waistbands (front and back) ensure a perfect fit every time. With the highest capacity and ultra-fast absorption technology, this brief sets a new standard in adult incontinence protection.

InControl Elite Product Information


Size Max Fit Best Fit ISO Case Quantity
XS  48cm - 97cm
(19" -38")
55cm - 81cm (22” - 32”) 2700ml 3 bags of 12
24"- 42"  27" - 37" 4928g (166oz)
   3 bags of 12
Medium 26"- 47" 30"- 40" 5217g (176oz)
   3 bags of 12
Large 32"- 52" 33"- 42" 5435g (184oz)
   3 bags of 12
36"- 47"
5455g (184oz)
   3 bags of 12

2 per trial, 12 per bag, 36 per case

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  • 5
    Tabbed diapers

    Posted by Hans on 2024 Feb 22nd

    These diapers are great. The hook and loop is very adjustable as opposed to the taped ones. The fit is awesome. Can wear them all day or night.

  • 5
    Top quality combo between plastic backed and hook and loop fastening

    Posted by Chris on 2024 Feb 19th

    The diapers offer a very secure hook and loop that is surprisingly secure while still having leak and wetness protection from the plastic lined crotch area. Very happy with this diaper and think it would work in all situations from active hiking, long periods in the car and sleeping.

  • 5
    Great Product.

    Posted by Mase on 2024 Feb 7th

    The adjustable tape is very innovative, makes it easy.

  • 5
    Incontrol elite hybrid diapers

    Posted by Mike lennon on 2024 Feb 5th

    Please don't discontinue this diaper it is very comfy has a great fit it is the best disposable diaper I've ever used

  • 4
    Very good Velcro tape option - little noisy

    Posted by Jake on 2024 Jan 9th

    This is by far the most absorbent Velcro style tape diaper I’ve found and it does a good job for heavy needs (for me that means long car rides, etc). It’s not quite a Trest or Megamax for absorbency but the fact you’re paying so much less makes it a great option and it still holds a lot. My only negative so far is it’s noisier than most. I think something around the waistband is specifically more “crinkly” than others I’ve tried. This is not a huge problem but I definitely hear it and if you’re in a quiet setting someone close to you might too (not that they’ll necessarily know what it is)

  • 5
    Elite InControl diaper

    Posted by Dennis on 2024 Jan 3rd

    I believe I have reviewed this diaper previously. If not, I find this diaper one of the best on the market. I do wish they were a little cheaper.

  • 5
    Excellent Diapers!!!

    Posted by Jake on 2023 Dec 26th

    I have been wearing these for several months now overnight and occasionally during the day. After trying many, many different brands etc. these are my #1 go to. Best re-fastenable tapes, hold a ton before leaking. I can actually trust these diapers to work in any situation without leaking and its great peace of mind.

  • 5
    Incontrol Elite Incontinence Diapers

    Posted by Adrian Siokalo on 2023 Dec 15th

    They are wonderful, and without a doubt my favourite, not just because how soft they are but beachside of the hook and loop tabs, they allow you to adjust and readjust as you need throughout the day!

  • 5
    Excellent diaper; good for nighttime and less active daytime use

    Posted by Michael on 2023 Dec 12th

    This diaper holds quite a bit, it swells firmly and does not become flimsy, and I really like the hook and loop tapes. I prefer this diaper over many of diapers I've tried, considering the price you pay when they're on sale!