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Incontrol Original Incontinence Briefs

USD$4.99 - USD$79.99
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Restore Freedom and Joy Today
Now featuring a printed taping guide!

Check out our staple diaper, InControl Original with super fast absorbing core.  The new core is thick enough to give you confidence, yet trim enough for daytime use.  Our newest core has better retaining power, even under pressure.  These ultra high capacity briefs will help you manage any level of incontinence with peace of mind.

Boasting a capacity close to 20 cups, will ensure that you can make it through the day or night comfortably without leaks or skin irritation.  Extended wear of 8-12 hours provides dignity and comfort for both users and caregivers alike.

Suitable for both severe urinary and fecal incontinence.

Additional features include:

  • Tall standing leak guards to manage sudden and large volumes of both urinary and fecal matter.
  • Elastic waistbands front and back
  • New stronger, refastenable tapes
  • Reinforced frontal panel
  • Strong PE (plastic) outer resists stretching and tearing
Medium Large X-Large
Best Fit

76cm - 102cm

30" - 40"

84cm - 107cm

33" - 42"

                            90cm - 120cm

36" - 47"

Max Fit

66cm - 120cm

26" - 47"

                                81cm -  132cm

32" - 52"

82cm - 145cm

33" - 57"

Capacity (ISO)

4930g (167oz)

                           4999g (169oz)

4992g (169oz)


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  • 5
    Incontrol Original

    Posted by Patrick H. on 2023 May 23rd

    Amazing briefs. Softest I've ever worn! Excellent capacity and durable. I didn't think much of the tape guides at first, but they've become a feature I wish all brands used. Snug and secure fit, every time. These are now my go to daily briefs, easily.

  • 5
    Very Reliable!!

    Posted by Patrick Spence on 2023 May 9th

    I love these diapers. They hold so much liquid. They have never leaked. The leak guards are great at containing everything.

  • 5
    In control original

    Posted by Robert on 2023 Apr 24th

    A great diaper

  • 5
    Great Diapers! Highly Recommend!

    Posted by Jake on 2023 Apr 22nd

    I have been wearing these at night for several weeks now. They have held up great! I tried many different brands of diapers and these are now my favorite. They hold a ton of urine, takes multiple full overnight voids to get these to leak. Tapes hold up excellent, they don't stretch out so the waist is always the right size thanks to the waistbands. Only negative would be slightly noisy but not much more than any other plastic diaper. Incontrol Silent Pants fix that issue and add a bit of backup insurance in case you cant change right away or overnight while sleeping. My new go-to for a dry bed!

  • 5
    InControl original diapers

    Posted by Kj on 2023 Apr 18th

    Great product! Tapes stay fastened. Holds a great amount! Thick enough to absorb for a heavy wetter like me, but not too thick to be obvious I'm wearing. Great absorbency! Works well with booster pads.

  • 5
    InControl Original

    Posted by Jim on 2023 Apr 17th

    My go to diaper for ... economy and preformance I can usually use only 3 per day, morning change, then around 1pm, last one around 9pm .. very good productand. I recommend this product anytime the discussion comes up in the forums

  • 5
    Original briefs

    Posted by Jason on 2023 Apr 7th

    All around a great product. Great coverage all around and remarkably comfortable.

  • 5

    Posted by Kyle on 2023 Mar 24th

    Decent diaper for any use. Holds a lot and wide enough for any form of incontinence.

  • 5
    Highly Cost-Effective

    Posted by Shusiqc on 2023 Mar 16th

    The Incontrol Original is easily the most cost-effective, multi-purpose incontinence brief available on the Canadian market as of the time of writing. The quality and overal value definitely exceeds the few competing plastic-backed products domestically available within a similar price tier. Compared with the Rearz-branded products, and I have tried most if not all, the Incontrol Original approximates the thin/thickness of the "Lil'" series, while maintaining an overall higher reliability in absorption, durability, and fit. The wetness indicator, while present, remains adequately discrete.