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InControl Summer Mixed Case

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In this special mixed case we combine three of our most popular summertime incontinence products. With a focus on providing flexibility and breathability during the day with ultimate odor control at night.

-InControl Active Air (20 per bag)
-Felicity Super Absorbent Underwear (20 per bag)
-InControl Premium Nights with Whiff-X Technology (12 per bag)

Medium contains M/L Felicity and medium diapers.
Large contains L/XL Felicity and large diapers.
XL contains XL+ Felicity and XL diapers.

Size Best Fit Max Fit Quantity per case
Medium 30" - 40" 30" - 44" 52 
Large 33" - 42" 33" - 49" 52
XL 40 - 58" 40 - 58" 52