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Jumbo Cotton Gauze Muslin Flat Diaper

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XL 100% cotton flat diaper

These are a staple to any diaper stash and can be used as diapers, inserts, burp cloths, baby towels, swaddles, nursing covers and more!  

This size is large enough to be used as an adult size flat.

These flat diapers are amazingly versatile and can be used for many purposes.  Double or quadruple up for heavy wetters.

These are the original cloth diaper style that is still used in many countries. These are a one size diaper that requires folding to properly fit. They can be doubled or quadrupled for nighttime/additional absorbency. Use with pins and diaper covers or as inserts in pocket diapers. With a little patience and folding, using these diapers is by far the least expensive way to comfortably diaper.

120cm x 120cm (47"x47"), generally fits all waists sizes up to 70"

Made from 1 layer of cotton. The double weave gauze muslin fabric

These are unsorted and may have minor flaws or irregularities in weaving or printing.  They are being sold as seconds.

Made in Pakistan

For instructions on how to properly wash and care for reusable products, please refer to this page.