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Nighttime Extra Roomy Rubber Briefs

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Now: USD$14.99
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The nighttime extra roomy rubber pant is a fabulous design if you need extra room in the hip/bum area for very bulky cloth or thick disposable briefs.  These pants feature an extra wide crotch and hip measurement with high waist and wide elastics for superior protection.  An excellent choice for those that wear multiple layers of product.

Nighttime rubber pants are very soft, stretchy and the best at reducing odors.  Rubber pants reduce the noise of plastic backed disposables and protect against leaks.

Sizing:  There is a limit on the hip size due to the fact that the hips must pass through the waist opening.  However, once inside, the actual hip space is much larger. 

Small: 28"-34" (72cm to 87cm), hips up to 41" (104cm). 
Medium: 32"-48"(82cm to 122cm), hips up to 51" (132cm). 
Large 36" to 54"(92cm to 138cm), hips to 57" (144cm). 

Hand made in Canada of 100% natural vulcanized rubber in small batches.

Hand wash, hang dry.