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Rubber Incontinence Bloomers Gummihose with Lace

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A reliable and durable rubber pant for all your incontinence needs. Featuring lace around the leg openings.

For use over cloth and disposable diapers:to:

* Reduce crinkling of plastic backed diapers
* Very helpful to Control odors 
* Protect against leaks  

Using a medical pant at night time can help prevent tedious and expensive changing and laundering of sheets every morning.

The cloth elastics comfortably rest against the skin and the rubber has some stretch making it very comfortable. Wide elastic 3/4" at the waist and regular at the legs

The pant is durable and can be machine washed and tumbled dry on low.

As with all new garments, we recommend washing before first use.

Made in Canada of 100% Vulcanized Rubber

Sizes (please measure over diapers or pads):

Size Waist Hips
Small  24" to 31"  Up to 36" (91cm)
Medium  29" to 38"  Up to 41" (104cm) 
Large  36" to 48"  Up to 46" (117cm)
XL  46" to 56"  Up to 65" (165cm)
XXL  54" to 72"   Up to 76" (193cm)