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Silence Pants - Low Rise

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The Low rise pant falls around the top of the hip bone and is designed for use over disposable briefs to protect against leaks. These are made in Canada from 100% Canadian made fabric.

This is our most comfortable and highly recommended pant. It is excellent for daily wear. 

This is a machine washable and dryable pant with a bit of stretch and breathability, while providing great waterproof protection.

A wide crotch.

Great Option for a Swim Diaper! When fit snugly around the legs, this pant can be used perfectly for swimming.

100% PUL.
Strong, reliable, comfortable fold over elastics.

Sizes (approximate, measure over diapers): XS for waist 24" to 30" (61cm to 75cm) and hips up to 37" (93cm)
Small (S), for waist 26" to 38" (66cm-97cm), hips to 39" (99cm)
Medium (M), for waist 30" to 43" (77cm-110cm), hips to 43" (110cm)
Large (L): for waist 36" to 49" (92cm-125cm), hips to 49" (125cm) leg 14"-25" (36cm-64cm), crotch 24" (60cm).
Extra large (XL), for waist 42" to 58" (108cm-148cm), hips to 59" (150cm), leg 17"-33"(44cm - 84cm), crotch 24"(62cm).
Extra-extra-large (XXL), for waist 50" to 75" (128cm-190cm), hips to 75" (190cm).