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Susan Bikini Cut PVC Pant

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These are made to order and take 2-5 business days to ship.


Made in the same material and style (wide crotch) as the #140 pants but the waist elastics are about 3" (8cm) lower. These short vinyl (PVC) pants are suitable for a hot climate or for mild leaks or under summer shorts. Excellent. 

The size categories for the #114 are about one size smaller than for #140 Susan. This happens because the #114 is much shorter and fits more on an angle on the hips and hence the hip space is smaller.  Similarly, the waist elastics are lower, closer to the hips, and are on the part of the body that is usually larger than the upper waist. 

We suggest that you choose one size larger size category than you would for the #140. 


  Size   Waist   Hip
  Small   22" to 29" (56cm-76cm)    up to  36" (92cm)
  Medium   27" to 34" (68cm-84cm)    up to 39" (99cm). 
  Large   30" to 40" (76cm-102cm)    up to 41" (105cm)
  X-Large   36" to 46" (91cm-116cm)    up to 48" (120cm).
  XX-Large   43" to 59" (109cm-145cm)    up to 59" (145cm)


Please note pearly pink and semi-transparent nursery print are sold out now.