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Superior Comfort & Protection: InControl Elite Incontinence Diapers

Superior Comfort & Protection: InControl Elite Incontinence Diapers

Posted by Rohan on 2023 Sep 18th

Looking for the perfect solution for adult incontinence can be challenging, but if you’re reading this, you’ve come to the right place! Let us tell you about one of our most popular adult diapers: the InControl Elite Incontinence Diapers. These briefs have been designed with your comfort, discretion, confidence and protection in mind, and we're here to tell you why it’s a great choice!

Hypoallergenic, Elite Day and Night Protection

We understand the importance of gentle care, especially for those with sensitive skin. That's why our Elite Incontinence Briefs are hypoallergenic, making them safe and soothing for even the most delicate skin. Whether you need protection during the day or night, these briefs have got you covered.

Elite Absorbency

One of the best features of our Elite Incontinence Diapers is their exceptional absorbency. We've put these briefs to the test in ISO labs to ensure they outperform the competition. No need to worry about leaks – the sturdy yet soft plastic outer layer provides unbeatable protection.

Elite Design for Easy Use

We believe in making life easier for caregivers and wearers alike. Our next-generation briefs feature a hook and loop style tape system that offers unlimited adjustability. No more frustration of poorly fitting diapers; our fastening guide ensures a perfect fit every time.

Elite in XS Too

In addition to our usual Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large sizes, Elite incontinence diapers are also available in Extra Small - XS (Youth) size. This makes it perfect for parents seeking reliable incontinence solutions for their children, be it youth, teens, or young adults! It's tailor-made for the younger ones. We know it can be difficult to find products that truly work for them. Often, options out there are either meant for smaller accidents or just don't fit quite right. That's where our XS size comes to the rescue! With a capacity of up to 2700 ml, our Elite XS diapers are designed to keep up with active lifestyles. The maximum fit dimensions range from 19 inches to 38 inches, and the sweet spot for the best fit is between 22 inches to 32 inches.

Elite Features for Your Comfort

Let's dive into some awesome features that make Elite Incontinence Diapers truly elite:

- Taping Guide

A convenient taping guide ensures the perfect fit every time, reducing leaks caused by tears or stretching from extended wear.

- Hook and Loop Style Tab Fasteners

Our easy-to-use tabs can be refastened as many times as needed, so you can always achieve the perfect fit.

- Side Sleeping Protection+

Designed to stop leaks for side sleepers and active sleepers, ensuring you can rest easy without worrying about unexpected surprises.

- Tall Standing Leak Guards

These guards help contain sudden and large volumes, and integrated elastics keep them in place comfortably.

- Wetness Indicator

A soft yellow line turns blue when it's time for a change, taking the guesswork out of diaper management.

- Designed for All Body Types

Comfort elastics applied to the legs and both front and back waistbands provide a snug yet comfortable fit for everyone.

- Latex-Free, Smooth Plastic Backing

Our diapers are gentle against the skin, preventing chafing and maintaining comfort and discretion for active individuals.

- Blue Absorption Zone

An extra quick absorption layer provides protection where it's needed most, keeping your skin dry and comfortable.

So, say goodbye to worries about leaks and discomfort – say hello to Elite Incontinence Diapers. Experience the difference for yourself and take back control of your life. Order yours today and discover a newfound level of confidence and comfort.

Incontrol Elite Incontinence Diapers
Incontrol Elite Incontinence Diapers

Advanced Fast-Acting Absorbing Core Keeps you Dry.

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