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We are now accepting recurring orders on most products - Save 5% on all recurring orders!


Please fill out the form below with your full name, your address, email, phone number, and the best time to contact you during the day.

How does it work?

Once you have submitted your form a team member will call you to discuss your order details. This includes your payment information, your order contents, and the frequency you would like your order sent to you.

Your payment method will be charged based on the frequency of your orders, and you will receive a confirmation email with tracking information once your order has shipped.

How do I pay?

Your credit card will be charged prior to every order being shipped out. We can only accept credit cards or HSA/FSA cards at this time.

How often can I have products sent out?

We can send recurring orders out on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. If you require special timing please ask during your initial setup.

What Happens if an item is out of stock?

All recurring orders will have inventory priority, if we notice we are getting low in-stock we will pre-pick your order to save stock for you. In the event that we are out of stock we will reach out prior to processing your order to offer an appropriate alternative for your needs.

What happens if my order is late?

We do not promise an exact delivery date as shipping delays or other factors could cause a delay in your order. If you need products by a specific date, it is best to order earlier than required.

How do I pause a shipment?

If you are not ready for your next shipment we can put a hold on your order, just contact us before your scheduled shipping date and inform us. You need to contact us 72 hours (3 days) before your scheduled date to pause your order.

How do I cancel?

Please contact us if you would like to cancel your recurring orders. If you plan to come back in the future you can put a hold on your orders until you are ready to resume. If you would like to fully cancel our recurring order service please be advised we will need to restart the process if you decide to rejoin in the future.


All recurring orders are based on the standard product price, sales prices will not apply.