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Specialty Covers

These special items will be made with either Rubber or PVC, and are designed for vary specific use cases. These are not traditionally recommended but can be very beneficial for those who require them.

  • PUL Incontinence Bloomers

    PUL Incontinence Bloomers

    USD$25.99 - USD$39.99

    Experience unparalleled comfort with our premium Bloomers, the perfect choice for anyone seeking freedom from constricting clothing. Crafted with the utmost care in our facility in Canada, these bloomers are ingeniously designed to offer superior leak...

  • Waterproof Incontinence Romper

    Waterproof Incontinence Romper

    USD$29.99 - USD$94.99

    Our waterproof rompers are a uniquely designed product to manage incontinence. PUL garments are the most durable and easy to care for garments for managing incontinence. This is our best fitting pant, turned into an ultra-high waisted garment/romper...

  • Overnight PVC Incontinence Romper

    Overnight PVC Incontinence Romper

    USD$22.99 - USD$54.99

    Overnight Incontinence Garment - All photos show the product with the waist elastic.  PVC products have long been a staple in incontinence care.  PVC is lightweight and comfortable. Perfect for full and extended nighttime protection. The bottom...

  • Vinyl Incontinence Bloomers

    Vinyl Incontinence Bloomers

    USD$24.99 - USD$35.99

    Bloomers are fantastic for those who do not like tight fitting garments.   Bloomers are designed primarily to prevent leaks in a sitting or lying position. They are made in the soft and durable vinyl materials in assorted colours...