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Managing Incontinence at the Airport - Fly with confidence!

Managing Incontinence at the Airport - Fly with confidence!

Posted by Laura on 2022 Mar 15th

When it is time to fly, whether you are going on vacation or travelling for work the last thing you want to be worried about is dealing with your incontinence at the airport.

Continue reading to learn how to make your next airport experience easier when managing incontinence so you can feel confident your next time at the airport.


When packing for your trip it is important to pack supplies in your carry-on so you have supplies in the event you need to change or freshen up at the airport or on the plane. Being able to pack at least a full day's worth of products will be very helpful in the event that your luggage is lost or delayed arriving at your destination. Having a few extras in your carry-on to get you by until your luggage arrives or you are able to get to a store for more items will really be beneficial. While you are packing, think ahead on what you are going to wear at the airport. The bathroom stall may be small so being in comfortable clothing that allows you to change easily will be helpful.

At the airport

Once you arrive at the airport and are checking in, see if you are sitting in an isle seat (if you have not had the option to prebook your seat). If you are not, you can always request one. Sitting in the aisle will allow you much easier access to the bathroom on the aircraft during your flight. Once you are at your gate, take a look around and take note of the nearest bathroom. Being able to easily access the restroom while waiting for your flight or being able to use it right before boarding will make things easier. While waiting in the airport or during your flight try and avoid any food or drinks that you know might cause your bladder or bowels to become irritated. Most airports also have family bathrooms or larger stalls so if you are able to use one of these it will give you more room to comfortably change while you are in the airport.

On the Plane

Once you are on the plane consider storing your carry-on under the seat in front of you if possible so you have easy access to them in the event you need to change. If you were able to secure an aisle seat you will have easier access to exit to the bathrooms, if you were unable to, consider asking your neighbour if they would consider switching seats with you. For the duration of the flight it is best to reduce the amount of fluids you consume. On longer flights or for those who need to hydrate just stick with water and avoid carbonated or caffeinated drinks.

Arriving at your destination

Now that you have arrived at your destination, locating a bathroom for a change or a freshening up before retrieving your luggage is a good plan. You don’t always know how long it will take, especially if you are travelling to a location you have never been to before.

We hope these tips will help when you are travelling. With proper planning and premium quality supplies such as the ones available on our website you will feel confident and excited for your next trip.