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Celebrating National AccessAbility Week 2024

Celebrating National AccessAbility Week 2024

Posted by Rohan on 2024 May 27th

National AccessAbility Week (NAAW) is a time to recognize the achievements and contributions of persons with disabilities in Canada. From May 26 to June 1, 2024, we all come together under the theme "Forward Together: Accessibility and Inclusion for All." At InControl Diapers, we are dedicated to supporting this mission by offering products and services that improve the quality of life for individuals with incontinence management needs, particularly those benefiting from the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).

What is National AccessAbility Week?

A Week of Celebration and Recognition

National AccessAbility Week is an annual event that celebrates the contributions of persons with disabilities and the efforts of allies, organizations, and communities to remove barriers and promote accessibility. This year's theme emphasizes the collective effort required to build a more inclusive Canada.

Why National AccessAbility Week Matters

The strength of Canada lies in its diversity, and National AccessAbility Week shines a spotlight on the importance of accessibility and inclusion. By recognizing and addressing barriers, we create a society where everyone can participate fully and equally.

How InControl Diapers Supports Accessibility

ODSP Direct Pay Program

At InControl Diapers, we understand the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities. Our ODSP Direct Pay program provides eligible beneficiaries with access to high-quality incontinence supplies without any out-of-pocket expenses. Here's how it works:

  • Convenient Delivery: Products are shipped discreetly to your doorstep.
  • Simple Registration: ODSP caseworkers can fax approval forms to 1-519-620-1004.
  • Monthly Supplies: Contact us at 1-855-745-1008 to receive a quote on your monthly needs.

Benefits of ODSP Direct Pay

The ODSP Direct Pay program ensures that individuals with incontinence management needs receive the necessary support and supplies for a better quality of life. By partnering with ODSP, we help eliminate financial barriers and provide essential products directly to those who need them.

How to Access ODSP Incontinence Supplies

Simple Steps for ODSP Clients

  1. Complete the Form: Fill out the Mandatory Special Necessities Form at your local ODSP office.
  2. Healthcare Professional: Have your doctor complete the form.
  3. Submit to Caseworker: Return the form to your ODSP caseworker.

Once approved, your supplies will be shipped monthly without any hassle.

For Caseworkers

Caseworkers can easily enroll clients by faxing the approval forms and contact details to our dedicated fax number. We handle the rest, ensuring a seamless process for both clients and caseworkers.

The Role of ODSP

Income Support

ODSP provides financial assistance to individuals with disabilities, helping them manage limited income and assets. This support is tailored to each individual's circumstances, ensuring they receive the help they need.

Employment Supports

ODSP also offers employment supports to help individuals with disabilities find and maintain jobs. This includes job training, coaching, and assistive devices, empowering recipients to overcome barriers to employment.

Join Us in Celebrating National AccessAbility Week

Participate and Promote Accessibility

National AccessAbility Week is an opportunity to celebrate the progress we've made and to continue advocating for a more accessible and inclusive Canada. At InControl Diapers, we are proud to support this mission and provide essential products to those in need.

For more information on the Ontario Disability Support Program, visit your local ODSP office or the official  Ontario government website. Together, let's move forward towards a more inclusive and accessible future for all.