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InControl's ODSP Direct Pay - Your Hassle-Free Solution

InControl's ODSP Direct Pay - Your Hassle-Free Solution

Posted by Rohan on 2023 Oct 10th

ODSP Benefits with InControl Diaper

At InControl Diapers, we offer ODSP Direct Pay, a convenient and discreet solution for ODSP Beneficiaries seeking top-quality incontinence products in Canada.

Convenient and Discreet Delivery

With ODSP Direct Pay, you can enjoy hassle-free incontinence supply deliveries right to your doorstep, with billing handled directly by your ODSP Caseworker.

Let ODSP Support Your Needs

Qualify for the Mandatory Special Necessities Benefit and the Special Diet Allowance, designed to assist you in getting the support you need.

Simple Registration for Caseworkers and Clients

Caseworkers can fax approval for incontinence supplies to us, while clients follow straightforward steps to access their monthly supply.

Explore Your Monthly Supply Quote Today

Contact us at 1-855-745-1008 for a no-charge quote on your monthly needs.

We're dedicated to ensuring everyone in the ODSP community receives the support they need. Contact us today to explore how ODSP Direct Pay can assist you with your incontinence supply needs.

Watch our YouTube video for detailed information about ODSP Direct Pay: