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Got You ‘Covered’: Here’s Why You Need Waterproof Diaper Covers to Manage Your Incontinence Better

Got You ‘Covered’: Here’s Why You Need Waterproof Diaper Covers to Manage Your Incontinence Better

Posted by Rohan on 2023 Aug 23rd

If you’re someone who deals with incontinence, you would know that finding the perfect products to manage your incontinence isn’t as easy as you would like it to be. That’s why InControl Diapers offers the largest collection and widest variety of high-quality incontinence supplies, as your convenience is always one of our top priorities. A very special part of our collection is the  Waterproof Diaper Covers, the perfect companion for extra protection from leaks.

Here’s why you need them:

Active Wear – Extra Protection When You Need It the Most!

Contrary to popular belief, leading an active lifestyle with incontinence is easier with the right attitude and especially the right approach; it’s important to understand the challenges that come with performing plenty of physical activity while being constantly worried about your incontinence. The most common and prominent cause of concern is leaks, as there is always a possibility of a diaper leaking in public (if it’s been used extensively in a short period of time or has been on for longer than ideal periods of time). Check out our guide on How to Stop a Leaking Adult Diaper.

Made from the premium fabric PUL, these diaper covers will give you a snug and comfortable fit, ensuring better protection from leaks and giving you higher confidence when you’re out and about or doing a physical activity. Another great factor is that most of our diaper covers are very breathable and also quiet. Hence, we named these PUL pants as ‘Silence Pants’. Make sure to also check out our Transparent Seamless Latex Briefs, loved by customers and considered to be perfect if you’re going swimming.

Pair Over Cloth – The Perfect Combination Every Day

Whether you use cloth diapers or any other reusable incontinence product as a form of containment during incontinence, we recommend always combining it with a waterproof layer as it allows absorption and overall function. Don’t forget to also try our Contour Washable Boosters with your cloth diapers and diaper covers for ultimate absorbency – these boosters are contoured perfectly to your body and inside other products. We’re sure it will become your go-to combination for taking on every day with confidence.

Fixation – No More Sagging!

We understand that it can be very annoying and bothersome to wear a diaper when it’s filled and begins to start sagging. It can also be very embarrassing if you’re in public and the lack of containment begins to reveal the sagginess of your diaper through your pants. Additionally, what’s most concerning with the sagging is the chances of the diaper tapes breaking off, leading to the diaper completely falling off. Nobody wants that! With our waterproof diaper covers, you can say goodbye to this possibility forever as they help in keeping the diaper contained, further enhancing its ability to keep everything discreet.

Our diaper covers are extremely comfortable and easy to wash, making them a great choice if you’re looking for an eco-friendlier and more cost-effective alternative to disposable adult diapers. We also highly recommend buying multiple pairs of these, as you won’t need to keep washing the same pair for every use. It’s best to have a variety of diaper covers with you, for different situations. We offer a huge variety of waterproof diaper covers in terms of design and style, so you never have to compromise. Start managing your incontinence better with InControl Waterproof Diaper Covers!