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These special items will be made with either Rubber or PVC, and are designed for vary specific use cases. These are not traditionally recommended but can be very beneficial for those who require them.

  • #670 Overnight Rubber Romper

    #670 Overnight Rubber Romper

    USD$59.99 - USD$63.99

    Overnight Incontinence Garment Rubber garments are very soft, stretchy and the best at reducing odors.  Perfect for complete extended nighttime wear. The bottom part of this garment is the same as the Christy pant, but it provides an additional...

  • Rubber Medical Skirt/Slip

    Rubber Medical Skirt/Slip

    USD$29.99 - USD$31.99

    Medical rubber skirts for incontinence are unique. There is not other manufacturer that offers such an amazingly versatile incontinence protective garment. The slip is  made from 100% vulcanized rubber for hygienic protection. Designed for heavy...