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ABZ Pin Free Diaper Fasteners - Turquoise

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ABZ Pin-Free Diaper Fasteners - Turquoise – Pack of 4

Introducing the ABZ Pin-Free Diaper Fasteners in the awesome Turquoise shade – a stylish solution to your diapering needs. Say goodbye to traditional pins and embrace the convenience and safety of ABZ fasteners.

As easy as ABZ, these fasteners are suitable for all diaper sizes, from preemie to adult. One ABZ is perfect for a smaller baby, while two secure a larger diaper with ease. The leading-edge design features a comfort contour edge for quick fastening and rounded back edges for the safest and most comfortable fit.

Remember, applying ABZ fasteners is a task only for the adults. Proper attachment is important for effectiveness. Ensure the teeth grip securely into the fabric with a slight tension to hold them in place. A correctly fastened ABZ allows you to fit one finger underneath. Always use a diaper cover, regardless of the fastener brand, for added protection. To extend diaper life, gently stretch the fastener to release grippers from the fabric, avoiding any damage.

Turquoise ABZ Pin-Free Diaper Fasteners come in a pack of 4, offering both style and functionality in every set. Please note that Turquoise does not glow in the dark like the Arctic variant.

Measurement: 3"x1" ~ 7.6cm x 2.5cm

WARNING: ABZ fasteners should only be fastened by a responsible adult. Carefully check your ABZ fastener prior to use for any signs of wear, or damage. Discontinue use and recycle your ABZ fastener if it shows signs of damage or wear. Use of a damaged fastener could lead to product failure, posing a potential choking hazard for littles if the plastic piece is dislodged, or becomes separated. Do not over-stretch your fasteners, as this will damage them. Do not modify your ABZ fastener in any way, doing so could result in product failure and will void your warranty. Do not use an ABZ on any child who could remove it, or their diaper/diaper cover. Keep out of reach of children and do not allow children to play with ABZ fasteners.

WARRANTY: 90 days from date of purchase, with a receipt from an authorized retailer listed on our website only. ABZ fasteners not purchased through an authorized retailer are not covered under warranty.