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Diaper Pins

Adult fixation pins, available in many different colours and sizes.

  • Sliding  Diaper Pins - 6 Pack

    Sliding Diaper Pins - 6 Pack

    MSRP: USD$6.00

    These vintage Baby-Safe diaper pins feature a metal covered brass head that pulls up to open and locks down to close. The locking feature makes these pins a number one choice for pinning cloth diapers. A curved design glides through the diapers for easy...

  • Adult XL Stainless Steel Locking Diaper Pins

    Adult XL Stainless Steel Locking Diaper Pins

    MSRP: USD$12.00

    These colourful stainless steel diaper pins feature locking plastic heads. These larger pins are great for people with reduced dexterity who cannot use smaller pins. They work equally well fastening adult or youth cloth diapers. Extra strong, so they...

  • Bowed Pins. Photo Copyright Rearz Inc. 2019-2021
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    Steel Locking Head Diaper Pins - 4

    MSRP: USD$4.00

    These pins have a slight bend in them for ease of use and feature a slide locking head for double safety. Extra strong, so they won't bend like regular baby pins. Stainless Steel Brass Locking Head Strong Larger 55mm size 4 per pack These are like the...