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 New & Improved Silence Pants Are Now Available!

New & Improved Silence Pants Are Now Available!

Posted by Laura on 2021 May 27th

Looking for a little more protection while still being discreet? Well, look no further as this is the product for you!

Our Silence Pants have been designed to be comfortable and protective while staying discreet and quiet. They are 100% PUL which provides both breathability and durability.

These fabric-like pants come in a wide range of sizes, starting from youth (XXS) up to a bariatric 2 (8 XL). We have classic black or white solid print pants available, or you can spruce things up with some of our printed options.

These Canadian-made pants include fold-over comfort style elastics and are latex-free. Whether worn during the day or at night, they provide both comfort and reliability for even the most active wearer. Our Silence Pants have been redesigned with improved practical sizing and leg openings, along with a wide crotch that accommodates disposable diapers, cloth diapers, and booster pads with ease.

Do the Silence Pants sound too good to be true? Well, wait until we tell you how easy they are to take care of. With the fabric-like material they’re made from being so durable they can be both machine washed and dried! No hand washing required! Wash alongside your cloth diapers with ease.

So, if you are looking for easy to wash, reliable, and comfortable waterproof pants, these Silence Pants are the ones for you!

Click here to go to the product's page and get yours today!