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Exciting Innovations in Care

Exciting Innovations in Care

Posted by Laurie on 2024 May 1st

The Challenges - Labour Shortages in Care Facilities

Amidst the challenging labour shortages facing care facilities, where over half are unable to accept new residents, a beacon of hope shines through. A case study was recently conducted that revolutionizes the standard of incontinence care within these institutions.

Sleep and Senior Health - The Essential Connection

Traditionally, nursing protocols mandate changes for patients every two hours, including disruptive overnight shifts. This frequent intervention strips away the dignity and restful sleep essential for well-being. Well-rested patients are more cooperative and manageable, and studies corroborate that seniors who achieve up to eight hours of sleep significantly reduce their risk of chronic ailments.

Moreover, standard incontinence products heighten the risk of skin deterioration, regardless of whether individuals live independently or in care facilities. North American care has historically neglected the dignity aspect of managing incontinence. However, we're increasingly recognizing the profound link between mental and physical health. Opportunities to restore dignity with fewer changes are not just beneficial—they're necessary.

Premium Incontinence Products by InControl - Balancing Protection and Skin Health

The epitome of ultra-premium protection for individuals grappling with heavy to total incontinence. Their remarkable absorption capacity is matched by their ability to promote skin health. Recent trials have demonstrated that with premium products, the need for frequent changes, even overnight, is a thing of the past.

Clinical Trials and Consumer Experiences

Drawing from the positive experiences of tens of thousands of InControl's consumer customers, who've enjoyed sound skin health and uninterrupted sleep, we're ecstatic to confirm that such clinical outcomes are attainable in care settings.

Supporting Caregivers and Reducing Costs

Our mission is to equip all care facilities with reliable incontinence solutions that manage heavy incontinence with the utmost dignity and care. We aim to support clinical caregivers in providing top-tier care, while also realizing substantial cost savings through reduced labour and material expenses. Imagine replacing up to six standard briefs with just one InControl brief. The labour, laundry, and cost savings are substantial, and every facility stands to gain from transitioning to InControl briefs. This cost savings could equal as much as $10000 per patient per annum.

The Future of Incontinence Care

The initial two of several clinical trials have concluded, with a summary accessible at McKnight's Senior Living. The future of incontinence care is here, and it's brighter than ever.