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Love, Incontinence, and you.

Love, Incontinence, and you.

Posted by InControl Diapers Staff on 2022 Feb 14th

Living with incontinence can be difficult no matter your age we all can suffer from embarrassment or fear around incontinence. This stress can be hard on ourselves and our loved ones, but it does not have to be. In this blog we are going to go over the many different way you can learn to accept and love yourself, following this we are going to cover some helpful advice on dating with incontinence. 

Loving yourself & Incontinence

Learning to accept and love yourself is an important part of managing incontinence. No one is immune to incontinence, it impacts people of all walks of life no matter their age or gender. You are not alone and there are many resources available to help you manage the stressors associated with incontinence.

When it comes to managing incontinence itself finding solutions that work for your needs is an important part of feeling confident and comfortable. As there are many products on the market it can be difficult in finding the right solution that suits your needs and is within your budget. Reaching out to support staff for incontinence supplies can be extremely helpful in finding the right product, they can aid in finding the right product for your needs and often are able to provide samples. It can also be reassuring to speak with someone who is an expert in incontinence supplies, and can answer your questions.

It is common for those suffering to begin retreating from social engagements and other activities they once enjoyed. Although this can be comforting short term, it is not going to bring you true happiness in the long term. With the proper supplies and support systems in place, it is important to get back into the things you enjoy even if it means at a reduced capacity. Life does not stop with incontinence it's just a beginning of a new journey.

Speaking with support groups or your doctor can be a great way to learn new ways to manage incontinence and the stress related to it. Sharing your feeling around incontinence can be an important step in learning to accept your new life. Incontinence is a big deal and it can take time to fully accept and love your new lifestyle. Just remeber there is always hope, never give up!

Incontinence Dating Advice

Planning ahead

Suffering from incontinence can lead to anxiousness and hesitation when it comes to going on a date. Planning ahead can be key to reducing stress, and making going out a more enjoyable experience for yourself. The location can be an important factor, try and avoid locations that you find inconvenient. If possible pick a location you know that has good size bathrooms so you can easily change if required. If you are going to a location you have never been try and scout out the location prior to the date or even show up a bit early so you can locate the bathrooms.

If you are going on a date that may include not having a bathroom nearby, like outdoor activities, avoiding certain drinks or foods that can be a trigger for your incontinence will really help. Caffeine, alcoholic drinks and carbonated beverages are well know incontinence triggers.

If your incontinence requires you to wear incontinence products, make sure you have some extras in a bag or your car. In the event, you need to change, as they say, it's always better to be overprepared than underprepared.

Being open and honest with yourself and your significant other

Telling your partner about your incontinence is something you should do when you feel it is right. Keep in mind that your partner may not fully understand what being incontinent is so giving them knowledge about the topic might ease the feeling of your significant other feeling overwhelmed or even confused. Let them get to know you on a personal level before divulging your medical history so they are able to build a strong personal connection with you. If the topic comes up, be casual about it. You want you and your partner to feel comfortable with this and you want to assure your partner that incontinence does not control your life.

Being intimate with your significant other

Being incontinent can make the most confident person feel vulnerable at times, and that is ok! When you and your partner are experiencing intimate moments, feeling a little less confident is bound to happen but don’t let it ruin your fun! If an accident or a leak happens, try and laugh it off. Humour will lighten the situation for all those involved. There are discreet products out there like the Reusable Absorbent Underpad that helps protect your mattress in the event an accident does happen. Some other tips are emptying your bladder before becoming intimate, trying new and different positions to allow less pressure on your abdomen and bladder, and avoiding drinking fluids or triggers if you know what your night may look like. Finding a way to balance your incontinence and a healthy physical relationship is important for both your self-esteem and the growth of your relationship.