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Adult Swim Diaper

Adult Swim Diaper

Posted by Laura on 2021 Jun 10th

With summer right around the corner, never miss out on a day at the pool again with this comfortable and affordable Adult Swim Diaper!

With many great features, this pool brief is in a league of its own. With a size range of 24"-42", the adjustable rise on the waist will allow you to get the perfect fit each time and the snaps around the front will make for quick and easy adjustments as you need them. The sturdy velcro fastener will keep it nice and secure and ensure that it will not come loose.

The Swim Diaper is designed with a waterproof outer shell and it is lined with a very comfortable sports mesh. The double elastic around the leg gusset, while being snug and comfortable, will help contain any solid waste and prevent it from entering and contaminating the pool. Even though this swim diaper does have a waterproof outer shell and one layer of absorbency, its main design is to prevent solid waste from entering the pool. The layer of absorbent material that is built in will leave you feeling both confident and discreet if you are lounging around the pool for a bit or even on your way back to the change room giving you that little bit of extra security.

Currently available in a cool blue colour but keep an eye out for more colours coming in the future.

Another great option for a product that will allow you to be in the water is the Transparent Seamless Latex Brief. This skin tight brief will allow you to enter a pool or a body of water with your disposable diaper on. It will give you a really tight seal to prevent contamination of either solid or liquid waste and stop your diaper from taking on any more liquid. The latex brief is not recommended for those who suffer from poor circulation or those who have sensitive skin or latex allergies.

You can find the Adult Swim Diaper online right now. Click here to check them out

Watch our informational video on the adult swim diaper here