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Essential Incontinence Supplies for Summer!

Essential Incontinence Supplies for Summer!

Posted by Laura on 2021 Jun 24th

Here we are again with summer right around the corner. Today we're going to be telling about some great products that are perfect for the season!

The comfortable and affordable Adult Swim Diaper from InControl makes sure that you will never again have to worry about missing out on fun at the pool! This premium adult swim diaper ranges in size from 24” to 42” and features an adjustable waist to allow you to make sizing changes with ease. There’s no need to worry about it coming undone in the pool as it has sturdy velcro fasteners which keep everything nice and secure.

The swim diaper is designed with comfortable sports mesh on the inside and a cool blue waterproof outer shell. It also features leg gussets with double elastics making for a snug, comfortable fit around the thighs while also ensuring that no solids escape into the pool or water. The waterproof outer shell will also provide you with the confidence you need to enjoy lounging around pool side or for making the trip from the change room to the pool.

The Transparent Seamless Latex Brief is another option available for those wanting to enjoy the water. This brief creates a skin tight seal around you, allowing you to enter a pool or body of water while wearing a disposable brief underneath. This seal prevents both waste from escaping as well as water from entering, meaning you can wear your brief of choice while swimming. The latex brief is not recommended for those who suffer from poor circulation or those who have sensitive skin or latex allergies.

Watch our informational video on the adult swim diaper here

Next up we have the Adult Fitted Diaper. This cloth diaper can hold up to 7 cups of fluid! It comes with convenient snaps on the front and an elastic waist which will allow you to get the perfect fit. This means being able to use it as a pull up for quick and easy changes if you are out and about. Designed for those who are fully active or of low-dexterity, this cloth diaper is built to last. It is made free of harmful chemical residues in the finished product and is chlorine free! You can also add extra protection by inserting an XS Adult Prefold or a Reusable Booster Pad.

Keep in mind the adult fitter diaper is not waterproof and will need to be paired with a waterproof pant.

Speaking of waterproof pants, the Silence Pants are the perfect waterproof pants for all year round! What makes them especially good for the summertime though is that they’re made from a lightweight but breathable Canadian PUL material. You can be sure that these pants will make you feel comfortable while carrying out your daily activities. Ranging in size from XXS to 8XL, the silence pants are perfect for pairing with both disposable diapers, reusable diapers, as well as booster pads.

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