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InControl Acquires AC Medical Supplies Assets

InControl Acquires AC Medical Supplies Assets

Posted by Andrew on 2021 May 31st

Here at InControl we are happy to announce that we have just purchased the assets of the former company AC Medical Supplies from Rearz Inc.! AC Medical Supplies was a manufacturer of many high quality waterproof pant designs, meaning that you’ll now find their vast selection of rubber, latex and PVC pants, bloomers, skirts, and much more here on our website. Going forward we also hope to improve upon their designs, so please feel free to provide us with any feedback you might have! We want to make sure that those who use our products are completely satisfied.

InControl Diapers has something for everyone regardless of the type or severity of incontinence you experience. We hope our extensive lineup of protective covers will help relieve the stress and anxiety that can come with managing incontinence. Check out our inventory today!