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Managing Incontinence on vacation

Managing Incontinence on vacation

Posted by Laura on 2021 Oct 14th

Everyone looks forward to being able to get away and relax on vacation, but traveling with incontinence can be stressful. Making sure you have the supplies you trust and rely on, being able to dispose of disposables, or being able to contain any soiled reusables are all things that might come to mind. So whether you are traveling to a sunny Caribbean destination or staying local at a cottage, we want to be able to share some tips and product suggestions to help you enjoy your vacation to the fullest!


Planning ahead is very important. Take note of any items that you use regularly including all diapers, skin care products, and protective pants, and make sure you have enough to see you through your trip. Making sure that you have all the products you are going to need for the length of your trip is key, even having some extras just in case is never a bad idea. At InControl Diapers, we can ship to residential addresses so if you are road tripping somewhere and you order your supplies ahead of time you can have them shipped to the cottage or house you are staying in. Just make sure your delivery will arrive when you are going to be there, or someone will.

Getting there

If you are traveling on land, knowing exactly where bathrooms are located will really help you out. If you are headed on vacation by car, planning a route ahead of time and taking note of all the restrooms along the way can be very helpful. Being prepared with high-quality diapers, like the Inspire Original will get you through between stops with a designed use of up to 10 hours but still trim enough to be comfortable during your travels.

Traveling by air just got a little easier with the Elite Hybrid. This fantastic diaper is designed for use for up to 12 hours. No need to worry if there is a lineup for the bathroom on the plane. Feel secure on either short or long flights.

In your hotel/bedroom

Taking a little extra precaution while on vacation with an Ultra Heavy-Duty Reusable Absorbent Underpad is a great idea. These reusable bed pads will give you a little extra protection from leaking onto any bedsheets or mattresses that are being provided by the hotel or a host. Another great option is the new Wireless Incontinence Alarm. This compact and easy-to-pack alarm will alert you throughout the night when any wetness is detected. It is battery operated, so no need to worry if there will be an electrical outlet near your bed. This is a very useful tool in preventing any leaks while sleeping in a bed that is not your own.

Washable vs disposable

Being away means having to learn the proper steps for disposing of soiled diapers, especially in a hotel setting. Asking hotel staff if there is a way they would like them bagged, or even if there is a garbage room you can take any soiled items to yourself to dispose of. Don’t be embarrassed, this is something they are prepared to assist you with. In the event you are outside of your room it is always a good idea to have plastic bags on hand for easy disposal if you need to change. This helps keep things contained but also discreet if others are using the same facilities.

Some hotels or rental properties offer washers and dryers, this can help save money and reduce waste by using a washable option. Some important things to keep in mind are: wash time of products, access to proper detergent for the wash cycle, and pre-washing products. You can also refer to our washing instructions page for cloth diaper care.

Most importantly your time on vacation should be spent enjoying yourself and without additional stress. Whatever product you feel most comfortable and confident in should be your first choice.

Be Prepared to enjoy yourself

Make sure to prepare for your vacation for whatever you might encounter. Depending on your destination there might be some accessories or alternative product options that could aid in your enjoyment.

If you are going somewhere on vacation that has a pool or by the ocean, be prepared with the Adult Swim Diaper. This swim diaper will leave you feeling secure and comfortable while lounging around poolside. Another great alternative to the swim diaper is the Seamless Latex Brief. Just keep in mind these products would require some washing between uses if soiled. If you would like to know more about either of these items be sure to check out the informative video we have posted here.

If an active vacation is more your style then the Active Air is just for you!. This breathable diaper provides the comfort, flexibility, and protection that you will want while enjoy an active and fulfilled vacation. It will leave you feeling comfortable and secure for up to 8 hours. So whether you are hiking a trail or walking around sightseeing in a big city, the Active Air will be the perfect diaper to get you through the day.

Another great item to help you get through the day with comfort is the fixation bodysuits. Made from a cotton spandex material, they will be a great addition to your active day by making sure that your incontinence brief is securely held in place. They are designed to be discreet with a t-shirt like top and convenient with a snap crotch that will allow for easy changes and adjustments throughout the day, also great at reducing noise.

End of the trip

Before leaving your hotel or your guest house, make sure that all soiled items have been disposed of properly. If you have been washing any of your items, also make sure that you have not left anything in the washer or dryer. Check to make sure that any bed pads or incontinence alarms you may have used have been packed up as well.

If you have any supplies left that you did not use, be sure to pack them securely in your suitcase or bags and ensure that they will not get ripped or torn during transit. If you are unable to bring back all your supplies consider donating them to a local foundation that supports incontinence. Just don’t forget to keep some handy for the trip back home!