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ODSP Benefits

Welcome to Incontrol Diapers - Your Partner in Comfort and Convenience!

Are you an ODSP Beneficiary seeking incontinence supplies? Look no further! At Incontrol Diapers, we're thrilled to offer ODSP Direct Pay, providing eligible Beneficiaries with easy access to Canada's finest selection of incontinence products.

Convenient and Discreet Delivery

With our program, all products are shipped discreetly to your doorstep, ensuring your comfort and convenience. No more worries about visiting stores or dealing with hassles. Enrollment is simple, and once approved, you'll receive a monthly supply with billing handled directly by your ODSP Caseworker - no out-of-pocket expenses for you!

Let ODSP Support Your Needs

If you're an ODSP recipient with incontinence management needs, your doctor's recommendation might qualify you for coverage under the Ministry of Community and Social Services. The Mandatory Special Necessities Benefit and the Special Diet Allowance are designed to assist you in getting the support you need.

Simple Registration for Caseworkers and Clients

For Caseworkers with clients already approved for the Mandatory Special Necessities Benefit, fax your approval for incontinence supplies and contact details to our fax number at 1-519-620-1004. We'll handle the rest and ensure a smooth monthly order and shipping process.

For ODSP clients, follow these straightforward steps to access your monthly supply:

Complete the Mandatory Special Necessities Form available at your local ODSP office.
Ask your healthcare professional to fill in the form on your behalf.
Return the completed form to your caseworker.
Explore Your Monthly Supply Quote Today

Contact us at our toll-free number 1-855-745-1008 for a no-charge quote on your monthly needs. Just provide your caseworker's contact details, and we'll take care of the rest.

Let Us Support Your Well-Being

Once your caseworker approves the quote, your monthly supplies will be on their way! We understand the importance of prompt service, so we suggest following up with your caseworker after 2 to 3 days to ensure they've received the fax and are processing it.

Discover ODSP's Valuable Support

The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) is a valuable provincial initiative in Ontario, Canada, providing essential financial assistance and support to individuals with disabilities. Their mission is to make life more comfortable and accessible for eligible individuals and their families.

Empowering Support for You

ODSP offers two key forms of support:

Income Support: Managing limited income and assets can be challenging for individuals with disabilities. The ODSP program provides financial assistance tailored to various factors, including living arrangements, family size, and other sources of income.

Employment Supports: Empowerment through employment is vital, and ODSP is committed to helping individuals with disabilities find and maintain jobs. The program encompasses job training, coaching, and assistive devices to overcome barriers to employment.

Count on Incontrol Diapers for Comfort and Care

As your partner, we are proud to support the ODSP community with medical devices such as adult diapers, pads, and other incontinence aids. Our partnership with ODSP allows eligible recipients to access various health and disability services too.

We're Here for You

For comprehensive information and guidance throughout the application process, reach out to your local Ontario Works or ODSP office. For the most current and accurate details about the Ontario Disability Support Program and its health and disability benefits, visit the official Ontario government website or contact the appropriate authorities directly.

At Incontrol Diapers, your comfort and well-being are our priorities. We are dedicated to ensuring everyone in the ODSP community receives the necessary support and supplies for an improved quality of life. Contact us today to explore how ODSP can assist you with your needs.