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Organic Birdseye Cotton Booster Pad

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These certified organic birdseye cotton booster pads are made from 100% organic birdseye cotton.  Birdseye cotton is renowned for it's superior durability and absorbency making these a very comfortable investment.  Pair with a waterproof pant or inside a diaper for extra absorbency.
Please note that these organic cotton boosters must be washed and dried three times to achieve full absorbency.  Natural cotton contains waxes that need to be washed out of the organic cotton fabric for it to absorb properly.  
3 Boosters per package.
Please note that measurements are before washing/shrinkage.
Size Fits Measurements
Small      fits inside XS/S diapers 7" x 20"
17.7 cm x 50.8 cm

      fits inside       M/L diapers

9" x "27
22.8 cm x 68.5 cm
Large  fits inside XL/XXL diapers 10" x "33
25.4 cm x 83.8 cm
Made in Pakistan