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Minky Waterproof Diaper Cover

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Indulge in a world of ultimate comfort and freedom with our incredible Minky adult diaper cover! Specially crafted for the modern, on-the-go adult, this waterproof and breathable cover offers unbeatable comfort and convenience.

Featuring a luxuriously soft outer layer, this diaper cover is designed to pamper your skin with the gentlest touch. The smooth inner layer is easily wiped clean, reducing the need for endless laundry and ensuring that you can stay comfortable and fresh all day long.

Our encased elastics are perfectly tailored to fit your body without any discomfort, and the easy-to-care-for design allows for quick and hassle-free cleaning. Proudly made with premium quality materials, our adult diaper cover is a must-have for anyone who values comfort, convenience, and style. Whether you're at work, on the go, or simply lounging at home, our adult diaper cover will keep you feeling confident, comfortable, and carefree.

Please measure to fit legs first, then measure to fit waist/hip.

Size Waist Max Hip Leg Crotch
Youth (xxs) 21"-27"(53cm-68cm) 29" (74cm) 14"-17" (35cm-43cm)

8.75" 22cm

Teen (xs)

24" to 30" (61cm-76cm)

32" (82cm) 17"-20" (43cm-51cm) 9.0" 23cm
Small 28" to 34" (71cm-86cm)  37" (94cm) 18"-22" (45cm-56cm) 9" 22cm


31" to 39" (62cm-99cm)

43" (109cm) 20"-26" (51cm-66cm) 9.5" 24cm
Large 35" to 43" (89cm-109cm) 47" (119cm) 21"-29" (53cm-73cm) 10" 25cm
XL 39" to 52" (99cm-132cm) 56" (142cm) 25"-32" (63cm-81cm) 11.5" 29cm
2XL+ 48" to 61" (122cm-155cm) 63"(160cm)

26"-37" (66cm-94cm)

13.5" 34cm
Bariatric 1 (3XL-5XL) 53"-72" (134cm-183cm) 80" (203cm) 29"-42" (74cm-106cm) 16.5" 42cm
Bariatric 2 (6XL-8XL) 71"-96" (179cm-244cm) 102" (259cm) 33"-46" (84cm-117cm) 21.5" 54.6cm

Features a more narrow crotch than our silence pants. 
Product of Canada.