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Trifold Cloth Booster Pad - 5

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Incredibly absorbent washable booster pads are a perfect addition to any resusable incontinence system for extra protection. Easily fold into a pocket diaper or layer in with other cloth diapers for the ultimate incontinence solution for all ages. Each pack contains 5 Booster Pads.

Also known as Prefold Diapers & feature 4-8-4 layering for maximum absorbency. Prefolds have been used for many years as they offer an incredible capacity while also keeping their drying time to a minimum compared to other bulky cloth boosters.

Our Trifold Cloth Boosters are seconds and may have minor imperfections such as stitching or discoloration, but rest assured, their performance remains uncompromised. Meausures roughly 16*20".

These diapers are under Oeko-tex 100 certification and are Better Than Organic. They have no harmful chemical residues in the finished product. This means no chemicals are added throughout the entire manufacturing process!  Even organic fibers can be treated with chemicals throughout the manufacturing process, oeko-tex standards include testing of finished products to ensure no harmful contaminants are found in the finished product.

Crafted from double-woven 100% cotton in Pakistan, these diapers are not only durable but also ethically made. With just 4-5 washes with detergent, they're ready for immediate use, providing comfort, reliability, and peace of mind for those managing incontinence.