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InControl BeDry EliteCare Premium Incontinence Briefs

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Introducing the next level in incontinence care – BeDry EliteCare! Designed with precision and inspired by our various styles of disposable diapers that were loved by users worldwide, BeDry EliteCare is undoubtedly an ultimate solution for both daytime and nighttime incontinence needs.

Comparing to other brands with an ISO Max Absorbency of 10,000 ml*,BeDry EliteCare stands as a true example of advanced incontinence care technology and offers over 12 hours of leak resistance. Crafted with great attention to detail, this adult diaper is engineered to be trim enough to offer elite comfort and absorbent enough to offer elite protection, making it equally effective for day and night use.

Just like its other counterparts in the BeDry Series, the BeDry EliteCare also features our game-changing Whiff-X Technology, a powerful hypoallergenic triple-action core that:

  • Locks in liquid to keep your skin dry.
  • Eliminates bacteria and keeps your skin healthier.
  • Neutralizes odours during and even after use, so you stay confident.

For your uncompromised comfort, the BeDry EliteCare comes with tall standing leak guards, front and back elastic waistbands, and a reinforced frontal panel. The hook and loop style fasteners offer unlimited adjustments, ensuring a customized and secure fit, whether applied by oneself or a caregiver.

We paid attention to your feedback and combined that with extensive research and testing, to ensure that the BeDry EliteCare redefines the standards for disposable adult diapers. Its rapid-absorbing core, coupled with the Whiff-X technology, delivers peace of mind and comfort, making it a reliable choice for those managing incontinence in their daily life.

Key Features:

  • Extra soft and smooth waterproof plastic outer layer
  • Whiff-X technology for advanced odour control,bacteria elimination, and a dry skin sensation.
  • Versatile solution suitable for both daytime and nighttime use.
  • Available in Small to XL Sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for all users.
  • Taping guide for easy application
  • Tall standing leak guards for extra protection
  • Front and back elastic waistbands for a secure fit
  • Hook and loop style fasteners allowing for an unlimited number of adjustments for added convenience
  • Reinforced frontal panel for enhanced durability
  • Rapid absorbing core for maximum leak protection
Size Max Fit Best Fit Quantity
Small 24" - 42"
61cm - 106cm
27" - 33"
69cm - 84cm
12 per bag
3 bags per case - 36 Diapers
Medium 26"- 47"
66 - 120cm
30"- 40"
76 - 102cm
12 per bag
3 bags per case - 36 Diapers
Large 32"- 52"
81 - 132cm
33"- 42"
81 - 107cm
12 per bag
3 bags per case - 36 Diapers
82 - 145cm
36"- 47"
90 - 120cm
12 per bag
3 bags per case - 36 Diapers

2 diapers per sample, 12 diapers per bag, 3 bags per case (36 diapers)

Experience elite incontinence care with BeDry EliteCare. Try it today and feel more confident than ever! #BeDryStayDry

*Note: ISO absorbency is a theoretical max capacity. In the assessment of the ideal moment for changing diapers, users are advised to consider the duration of wear, the level of comfort, and the preservation of skin health. It is crucial to recognize that reaching the maximum capacity may not be feasible in real-world usage situations. InControl conducts rigorous testing to guarantee uniform absorbency, sizing, and functionality throughout our entire product range, thereby ensuring an optimal experience for our valued customers.

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  • 5
    Night time security

    Posted by Roger Harrold on 2024 May 31st

    This is a realiable premium diaper that simple does not let any one down. It is comfortable to wear and allows for great sleep and security. It is my prefernce but unfortuantely living in Europe not always easy to find and buy.

  • 5
    Becoming my go to diaper

    Posted by Scott Wright on 2024 May 30th

    I've tried the complete line of InContrl Diapers to deal with my incontinence. Right now, I'm finding that the Elite Care diaper is providing me with a good mix of lasting absorbency, is not overly thick, and is fairly silent while wearing.

  • 5

    Posted by Mark on 2024 May 24th

    Tried the small. Great product overall, however a medium is a better fit for me.

  • 5
    Be dry elite

    Posted by Catherine sargefield on 2024 May 17th

    These are the best diapers that we have ever used we even tested them to their max capacity and beyond they never leaked once and my skin was dry. When I had a bowel movement. There is no smell escaping. They fit like a glove and there’s not one thing that should be changed though they should be in a lot bigger sizes for those who are 50 inches to 70 inches my husband feels discriminated against because most companies don’t sell his size that he needs medically.

  • 5
    BeDry Elite

    Posted by Dennis on 2024 Apr 30th

    Another great diaper from Incontrol.

  • 5
    I couldn't believe they could improve on the Elites.....

    Posted by Chris B on 2024 Apr 23rd

    I didn't think it was possible, but they did. Smooth plastic that really holds its shape and is fairly quiet. Padding that is thick enough for people with urge inco like me yet fairly discreet. The velcro fasteners make it easy for those times where I can make it on time, and the fit and leg guards mean zero leaks for me ever. They've been truly life-changing for me, I can do anything and everything I want with zero worries. Please don't change a thing!

  • 5
    BeDry Elite Care

    Posted by Adrian on 2024 Apr 22nd

    They are wonderful, great long lasting absorbency, I only need to use one a day while I’m at work, for an 8 hour shift!

  • 4
    BeDry EliteCare Premium Diapers

    Posted by Jay on 2024 Apr 22nd

    I found these to be an excellent product, comfortable and of high capacity, while still slim enough to wear during the day. The fasteners are relentless and allowed me to forget about my diaper for several hours and just go about my day. They do swell up a fair bit in the latter half of a shift, but anything that holds this much will do that.

  • 5
    In control.

    Posted by David on 2024 Apr 22nd

    Very absorbent fits great will use always

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