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InControl BeDry Premium Incontinence Briefs

USD$4.99 - USD$88.99
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Introducing the next generation of adult incontinence briefs – BeDry! Crafted with love, care and innovation, BeDry is your ultimate solution for staying confidently dry throughout the day. 

Offering up to 12 hours of leak resistance, its super soft and smooth backing ensures comfort and reliability, while the thick and rapid-absorbing core delivers maximum leak protection. Comparing to other brands with an ISO max absorbency of 7,500ml*, BeDry stands out by delivering high performance without compromising on your comfort, discretion and confidence.

Experience a new level of comfort and freshness with our revolutionary Whiff-X technology, a powerful hypoallergenic triple-action core that:

  • Locks in liquid to keep your skin dry.
  • Eliminates bacteria and keeps your skin healthier.
  • Neutralizes odours during and even after use, so you stay confident.

We created BeDry after years of extensive research, testing and analyzing feedback. It inherits and combines the best features from our various styles of disposable diapers that were loved by users worldwide. Harnessing our most popular and secure plastic backing, our lightning fast rapid absorption system and the odour-eliminating Whiff-X core, this blend of features deliver the next generation of performance and innovation in adult diapers.

BeDry features strong refastenable adhesive fasteners to keep everything snug and secure throughout the day. The reinforced landing zone, coupled with an easy-to-use fastening guide, ensures a perfect fit for both self-applicators and caregivers.

Key Features:

  • Extra soft and smooth waterproof plastic outer layer
  • Whiff-X technology for advanced odour control
  • Taping guide for easy application
  • Tall standing leak guards for extra protection
  • Front and back elastic waistbands for a secure fit
  • Refastenable adhesive style fasteners for added convenience
  • Reinforced frontal panel for enhanced durability
  • Rapid absorbing core for maximum leak protection
Size Max Fit Best Fit Quantity
24"- 42"
61 - 106cm
 27" - 33"
69 - 84cm
   16 per bag
3 bags per case - 48 Diapers
Medium 26"- 47"
66 - 120cm
30"- 40"
76 - 102cm
16 per bag
3 bags per case - 48 Diapers
Large 32"- 52"
81 - 132cm
33"- 42"
81 - 107cm
16 per bag
3 bags per case - 48 Diapers
82 - 145cm
36"- 47"
90 - 120cm
16 per bag
3 bags per case - 48 Diapers

2 diapers per sample, 16 diapers per bag, 3 bags per case (48 diapers)

Experience the future of adult incontinence briefs with BeDry. Try it today and feel the difference yourself! #BeDryStayDry

*Note: ISO absorbency is a theoretical max capacity. In the assessment of the ideal moment for changing diapers, users are advised to consider the duration of wear, the level of comfort, and the preservation of skin health. It is crucial to recognize that reaching the maximum capacity may not be feasible in real-world usage situations. InControl conducts rigorous testing to guarantee uniform absorbency, sizing, and functionality throughout our entire product range, thereby ensuring an optimal experience for our valued customers.

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  • 5
    Incontrol bedry

    Posted by JF on 2024 Mar 4th

    Very good product

  • 4
    Great all day diaper.

    Posted by Bill Rainwater on 2024 Mar 1st

    I love how these fit. So thin but hold so much . I love how much they hold I've never had a leak and I tend to flood sometimes. Held up even when working all day on my seet. Like any other hook and loop I do end up adjusting a couple times. Nothing new just they way hook and loops are on me

  • 5
    The best protection so far

    Posted by Gerald Ford on 2024 Feb 12th

    Excellent product

  • 5
    Bedry diaper

    Posted by Ward on 2024 Feb 9th

    Its still a great product for my needs.

  • 5
    Very very good product

    Posted by Matthew on 2024 Feb 1st

    Great fit, very comfortable. Tapes are super strong. Plenty of absorbency for daytime use. Taping guides are awesome such a big help in getting proper fit. Controls odors well. Just a great product overall.

  • 5

    Posted by Nathan on 2024 Jan 26th

    I absolutely love this diaper! They fit really well and they are very absorbent. I have a small waist, so it's great to finally find a diaper that actually fits me for once. These are going to be my go to from now on.

  • 5
    New favorite

    Posted by Ryan on 2024 Jan 26th

    These are great for the price and have become my new go to daily pick. Hold up great!

  • 5
    Great fit and absorbancy

    Posted by Brady Loveland on 2024 Jan 25th

    Wow, these are great! I have urinary incontinence from a spinal cord injury and have to wear 24/7. I've tried BetterDry, XP5000, MegaMax, Molicare, Abena, and these are by far my favorite diaper. They're super comfy, fit me amazingly well and have excellent performance. No leaks so far after 2 cases. These have become my go to diaper. Can't beat the price and the subscribe and save makes it even better.

  • 4
    Very nice

    Posted by Daniel on 2024 Jan 24th

    Thank you very much for this great product! If they had also Hook and loop style fasteners and if they were available in Europe that would be great.

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