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Christy Nighttime Plastic Pant - White

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Now: USD$26.99
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Christy nighttime pants are economical, comfortable and relatively quiet.

These sturdy pants are made in Canada and are great for added protection against leaks.

Features a wide crotch and high waist to accommodate all kinds of protective briefs and pads. Waistline falls above the naval.

Relatively non-rustling, smooth and durable vinyl (PVC)

Strong, reliable, comfortable knitted lingerie style elastics. 

Strong 19mm, 3/4" knitted fabric elastics

Perfect for nighttime or over bulkier cloth diapers


 Size     Waist   Hips   Leg

 30" to 37" (75cm-85cm)

 Up to 40" (101cm)

 9"-20" (22cm-52cm)


 33" to 44" (82cm-102cm)

 Up to 47" (120cm) 



 39" to 50" (98cm-120cm)

 Up to 53" (135cm)

 14"-25" (36cm-64cm)


 45" to 59" (114cm-145cm) 

 Up to 62"(157cm)



 50" to 72" (128cm-190cm)

 Up to 75" (190cm)

 22"-40" (56cm-101cm) 

Please note these are the sizes of the garment listed.


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