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Felicity Super Absorbent Underwear

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Felicity brings absorbent underwear into a whole new realm with it's advanced features and impressive capacity.  Felicity Super Absorbent Underwear is the most absorbent protective underwear available.

The rapid absorb technology and advanced odor control provide both comfort and confidence.

This easy to use pull on design provides active comfort for day and night.  Sturdy, yet soft cotton like materials provide both comfort and confidence.

Gentle leg gathers ensure confidence, even in active users and side sleepers. Leak guards stand 3.8cm tall for unparallelled protection.

Easy tear away sides make removal and disposal a breeze.

Designed by women, for women.

*Please note, this is our first run and the size L/XL has excellent elastic leg leak guards, however the leg opening is a little looser on the right side and will fit those on the larger side of the size range best. Prices has been discounted to reflect this and refunds/exchanges will not be given.

Felicity Sizing is more generous than store-bought brands of underwear. 

Size Capacity


For Best Fit
S/M 2600ml

56cm - 86cm

22" - 34"


20 per bag (4 Bags in a case)

M/L 2650ml (89oz)

76cm - 112cm

30" - 44"

89cm - 112cm

35" - 44"

20 per bag (3 Bags in a case)

L/XL 2800ml (94oz)

91cm - 124cm

36" - 49"

107cm - 123cm

42" - 49"

20 per bag (3 Bags in a case)
XL+ 3100ml (104oz)

102cm - 147cm

40" - 58"

122cm - 147cm

48" - 58"

20 per bag (3 Bags in a case)

Please measure and be sure. Pant sizes are not measurements. Trial packs contain 2.

Latex Free. FDA certified.

Back of underwear is indicated by pink elastics. First batch of bags indicate M,L and XL sizes, bags will be updated to M/L, L/XL, XL+. to reflect the website.

Made in the PRC.

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  • 5
    Felicity super absorbent underwear

    Posted by Margaret Lenihan on 2021 Aug 2nd

    They are the best ever. So comfortable

  • 4
    Almost a perfect pull-up!

    Posted by Aaron on 2021 Jun 26th

    The fit is very comfortable and quite forgiving if you're near the end of a size. The only thing that would make it better is if the leg gathers were a bit taller, like double the size. Hopefully in a new run they can add something like that. I'd buy cases regularly.

  • 4
    Felicity Pull-Ups

    Posted by Erica on 2021 Jun 5th

    I was so excited when I saw these pull-ups and I have to say I'm very impressed with them. I find them to be very cute and more absorbed then I was expecting with a pull-up. I am a nurse and I wear these all the time. You just have to remember they're a pull-up and not a diaper, so more frequent changes.

  • 5
    Best product ever! Totally recommend, No more embarrassing moments.

    Posted by Barbie R on 2021 Jun 1st

    Thank you so much for excellent product, all though it’s still new product, I’m still adjusting to the proper size, however, this product improves my confidence from day one: Since 2016 I have to start using this on daily basis, most of the time I was using cheap quality, like Walmart and Fred Meyer, even Walgreens, it seems okay, but still I wasn’t confident to using them overnight, they leaked on several occasions, wetting my tights, And finally I can sleep worry free with this new pull-ups, regardless if I’m wearing jeans or shorts or dress, I wear tights underneath to keep this cuties up, especially when they getting heavy, and no more wet spots! Thank you thank you thank you! Only one thing, no medical insurance can pay for it, and the company who put me in this in the first place, denied all of their promised insurance and benefits. Stay safe! Don’t break your back or health for any job! It’s NOT WORTH of your health! :(

  • 5

    Posted by Johnathan D. Jenkins on 2021 May 31st

    Soft, comfy, and decently absorbent. I plan on ordering more

  • 5
    great fit and comforble

    Posted by gerald c heald on 2021 May 26th

    will buy again

  • 5
    So cute and sooo comfy

    Posted by ABMarky on 2021 May 24th

    I am the abdl and my wife wears for me on every date night. She has never worn over night to sleep but when she saw these pul-ups I bought for her she offered to put one on right away and wore it all night long. She looked so cute all night long and to wake up next to that padded bum was amazing for me. She said they are super comfortable. She wears large panties and the Large/xLarge pullup fit her very well. They have a super amount of stretch room. She does not wet them so we cannot speak on that. But fit and comfort are amazing. We bought samples, I will be buying a pack if not a case.

  • 5
    Best and cutest pull-up ever

    Posted by Pinkie&B!ue on 2021 May 20th

    Normally I have my girlfriend/Lil in diapers but because of her daughter visiting I got these as an alternative as she is a bit fearful that diapers are too noisy, to thick and noticeable when her daughter is around her. We have searched and only found very cheap, tightly fitted and or "ugly"pull-ups that she is not too found of so we I saw these I knew I had to get them for her. Here are her thoughts .The material is very soft, something she has not ever felt and loves it .the waistband is perfect not to tight or loose but snug .the thickness feels a bit diapers-ish to her as she is used to being in diapers .The construction is very sound and durable for an active lifestyle .The design and color are to her liking .The amount it holds being a pull-up is amazing to her. .Can wear them without fear of anyone noticing and still feels like her cute adorable self. Bottom line these are most likely a recurring buy when she feels big girl enough. Thank you for your product