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Molicare Premium Mobile Underwear

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Are you looking for a discreet and comfortable underwear that can handle heavy incontinence? Look no further than MoliCare Premium Mobile Underwear, the new and improved version of MoliCare Super Mobile Underwear.

MoliCare Premium Mobile Underwear is designed to look and feel like regular underwear, but with the highest level of protection against leaks. It features a DryPlus layer that quickly locks away liquid, a super absorbent core that absorbs fluid fast, and soft inner cuffs that prevent side leaks.

MoliCare Premium Mobile Underwear is easy to change, thanks to the tear open seams. It also has a soft textile-like back sheet that feels gentle on your skin.

MoliCare Premium Mobile Underwear comes in four sizes to fit different body shapes:

  • Small: 14 per Package, 4 packages per case, fits 24" - 35"
  • Medium:14 per package, 3 packages per case, fits 31" - 47"
  • Large: 14 per package, 4 packages per case, fits 39" - 59"
  • XL: 14 Per Package, 4 packages per case, fits 51" - 67"

Try MoliCare Premium Mobile Underwear today and experience the difference!