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Tranquility Swimmates Disposable Swim Briefs

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Introducing Swimmates, the revolutionary disposable swim product that remains unaffected by water! Unlike other swim diapers, Swimmates are specifically designed to maintain their integrity in the pool, ensuring they won't swell up. These convenient swim diapers are incredibly user-friendly – just use them once, and when you're done, tear the side seams and dispose of them in the trash. Wear them discreetly underneath your swim suit for a snug and secure fit, providing you with reliable protection.

What sets Swimmates apart is their latex-free composition, making them suitable for individuals with latex allergies.

S: Fits 22" to 36" (80 to 120 lbs), 22 per bag, 4 bags per case
M: Fits 34" to 48" (120 to 175 lbs), 20 per bag, 4 bags per case
L: Fits 44" to 54" (170 to 210 lbs), 18 per bag, 4 bags per case
XL: Fits 48" to 66" (210 to 250 lbs), 14 per bag, 4 bags per case
XXL: Fits 62" to 80" (250+ lbs) 12 per bags, 4 bag per case