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Vib Reflex Male Urinary Incontinence Clamp

Was: USD$24.99
Now: USD$14.99
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This convenient penile clamp is a quick and easy solution for male urinary incontinence. This clamp simplifies managing incontinence in a discreet manner. It's also padded and adjustable for maximum comfort.

This handy tool can be used as part of your incontinence management strategy. We offer a variety of solutions to manage your incontinence throughout the day.
The clamp is an external device used to control urine leakage by tightening the urethera and preventing the flow of urine. The product has comfortable silicone cushions and only takes a few seconds to put on. The clamp will remain secured for hours, allowing you to participate in any activity freely.
Discontinue use if you experience discomort from using this device.