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Top 3 Best Disposable Diapers

Top 3 Best Disposable Diapers

Posted by Laura on 2021 Jun 3rd

With so many options on the market for disposable diapers, it can be an information overload. Let us break it down to the top 3 disposable diapers on the market. Each one is made of high quality materials and integrity that you can trust. All diapers have been extensively tested by our staff and local customers to guarantee exceptional quality and performance.

Even the basic features that you can expect to see from all of these briefs put them leagues ahead of other products on the market. Tall standing leak guards protect from leaks regardless of if you’re standing, sitting, or lying down. A wetness indicator provides caretakers with an easy way to tell if a change is necessary. The reinforced landing zone allows for tapes to be reapplied for a perfect fit, and even features a taping guide to ensure proper, consistent application. Each diaper also has a strong plastic backing to protect against leaks and tears.

3. The Incontrol Essential (12 diapers per bag, 36 diapers per case)

Thin and discreet, the Incontrol Essential is a high quality disposable diaper that’s perfect for daytime use. The soft outer plastic and flexible inner core ensure that even the most active wearer can feel protected for up to 8 hours against both urine and bowel incontinence. Distinguished by its green frontal landing zone, the Incontrol Essential is a professional, discreet brief. It also features a blue absorption zone on the inside for equal liquid distribution. Available in M, L, and XL sizing. Maximum capacity 4592g (161oz).

2. The Incontrol Inspire Original (12 Diapers per bag, 48 Diapers per case)

Regardless of day or night, the Incontrol Inspire Original is a brief that you can have confidence in. It has the capacity to last 10 hours throughout the day, and features a standard cut that isn’t too bulky between the legs. The Incontrol Inspire Original is also the best value that we offer, as cases contain 4 bags, or 48 diapers total, as opposed to the 3 bags our other cases have. The blue frontal panel allows for tapes to be refastended as needed, and the inside features an absorption layer to prevent leaks and keep the wearer dry. Available in M, L, and XL sizing. Maximum capacity 4999g (169oz).

1. The Incontrol Elite Hybrid (12 diapers per bag, 36 diapers per case)

Number one on our list is the Incontrol Elite Hybrid. Featuring all of the quality and functionality you can expect from Incontrol products along with an even more advanced design, the Elite Hybrid takes things to an all new level! The Incontrol Elite can endure up to 12 hours of use throughout either the day or night for those times when more frequent changing just isn’t possible. The super fast absorption layer grabs liquids quickly, draws moisture away from the body, contains odors, and most importantly prevents leaks while either standing, sitting, or lying down. While mainly recommended for nighttime use, it’s the perfect diaper for anytime you’d like a little extra reassurance! It also has hook and loop technology on the tabs which allow for infinite rejustatments throughout the day and night as needed. Exclusive to this diaper is the availability of a size S, along with the usual M, L, and XL sizing. Maximum capacity 5455g (192oz).

With free discreet shipping on orders $65USD+ to the contiguous United States & orders $86CAD+ to the Canadian Provinces, Incontrol Diapers is your one stop shop for all your incontinence needs delivered right to your door.