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Common Forms of Incontinence Women Experience

Common Forms of Incontinence Women Experience

Posted by Laura on 2021 Aug 18th

There are many types of urinary incontinence that can affect women. The most common of these are urge, stress and mixed incontinence, although other forms such as transient, functional, and overflow incontinence are prominent as well.

Stress Incontinence

Stress incontinence is the most common form of incontinence faced by women. It can sometimes occur when just doing simple everyday activities like laughing or sneezing. It is caused when the pelvic floor muscles weaken and any form of pressure, regardless of how slight, can cause one to urinate without much notice. There are a few factors which may result in one experiencing stress incontinence including age, weight, and in many cases, childbirth.

There are a variety of treatments one’s health care professional may recommend to assist with stress incontinence. These include pelvic floor exercises, fluid intake modifications, lifestyle changes, and even bladder training. All of these can help build up the muscles around your bladder and work towards minimizing involuntary urination.

It is important to know that there exist high quality products on the market today to help manage all forms of incontinence. InControl Diapers has a great selection of pads that can be used to help prevent accidents from minor leaks. There are a variety of pads to choose from including ones for light, medium or heavy flows. If you need any assistance with picking the right pad, you can always call or email our friendly customer service staff who would be more than happy to help you.

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Urge Incontinence

Urge incontinence is when one experiences the sudden need to urinate. It tends to appear out of nowhere and often leads to an involuntary urination, making for a potentially stressful and embarrassing situation. As a result, one might find that they limit the amount of liquid they consume or plan their day around having a bathroom as close by as possible.

In the event that there is not going to be a bathroom nearby, being prepared with a high quality premium product is very helpful. The Felicity Super Absorbent Underwear not only has a large capacity but it is also discreet. It was designed for women by women to resemble the feeling of a pair of underwear as closely as possible. It is sure to leave you feeling both comfortable and confident. Otherwise, there are different types of treatment that can help with urge incontinence and speaking with one’s healthcare provider is the best place to start. Some things they might suggest include pelvic muscle exercises such as using kegel exercises, medications, bladder training or even botox injections.

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Mixed Incontinence

Many people who live with incontinence suffer symptoms of both stress and urge incontinence. This is referred to as mixed incontinence and is fairly common. Not knowing exactly when and if one will need to use the bathroom can be very frustrating.

Finding the right product to use can take some time. Being able to try a variety of styles, features and capacities is important when trying to get the right products to suit your needs and lifestyle. At Incontrol Diapers we offer a great trial pack for new customers. It contains 3 diapers, 1 Essential, 1 Inspire Original and 1 Elite Hybrid. It is a great variety pack of products to test out how absorbent you need your product to be.

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There are a lot of options out there for those living with incontinence which can help one manage it in a way that minimizes its impact on everyday life. has a wide range of premium products to help just that. From diapers, waterproof pants and creams, Incontrol Diapers is your place for all your needs. Incontinence is something that anyone can experience, so it’s important to remember you are not alone.

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