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January Product of the month - Organic Prefolds!

January Product of the month - Organic Prefolds!

Posted by Laura on 2022 Jan 7th

We would like to start off by saying Happy New Year to our readers!

We are starting the year off showcasing one of the most popular and versatile products we carry, the Organic Prefolds, for the month of January save 20%!

What is a pre-fold?

Prefolds are washable cloth diapers often made with cotton or other fabrics with multiple layers and fewer layers on the sides. Our Organic Prefolds come in a variety of sizes and are made with a 4-8-4 layering system providing reliable coverage during any sleep position. Made from the softest organic birdseye cotton, these pre-folds are renowned for their superior softness, absorbency, and durability.

Organic Prefolds are a great alternative to disposable products that can help reduce waste and save money, with years of wear if cared for properly. These organic prefolds do not contain any added chemicals and can reduce irritation during wear and rashes.

Alternative uses

It is also good to note some of the alternative use cases for the prefolds. Prefolds can also be used to boost capacity of other reusable products. For example these can be paired with our Adult Pocket Diapers, we would recommend the XS size as it will fit nicely once folded inside. Prefolds can also be great cleaning rags for around the house or washing your car.

Product Care

Taking proper care of these reusable pre-folds is very important. Natural cotton contains waxes that need to be washed out of the organic cotton fabric. Washing them at least once before using them is key to ensuring they are going to be able to absorb to their full potential and last you many years. You can read further on how to care for your reusable products here.


There are a few accessories that will go great with the Organic Pre-Folds.

We have a variety of diaper pins to choose from that make pinning easy even on the larger sizes that will aid in getting a perfect fit. We also carry a large selection of waterproof pants and rompers, which must be used alongside prefolds for proper product function. Choose from a variety of materials such a Rubber, Plastic, and PUL.

For the month of January, you can save 20% off Organic Pre-folds.
This is a great time to either stock up or make the switch to reusable products!

If you need any assistance with sizing or have any questions, our friendly and caring customer service team is available to help. We can be reached by phone Monday to Friday from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm ET or email, press here.