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Incontrol Premium Nights Briefs with Whiff-X

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Introducing the Ultimate All-in-One Solution for Nighttime Protection

Experience heavy-duty and discreet protection precisely when you need it. Our revolutionary Whiff-X technology sets our briefs apart from all others on the market by effectively absorbing and eliminating odors. Designed to provide exceptional containment for both bladder and bowel incontinence, these briefs boast a wide, thick core with an overnight capacity of up to 12 hours. The robust plastic outer layer ensures leak containment, giving you peace of mind throughout the night. Furthermore, our all-new super absorbent core, rigorously tested in ISO labs, stands among the highest performing options available today. With extra tall leak guards extending the entire length of the brief, leaks are effectively prevented, and booster pads remain securely in place without shifting or requiring readjustment.

Welcome to the Next Generation of Adult Incontinence Briefs

Our briefs employ sticky, refastenable tapes, allowing for effortless adjustments as needed. The reinforced landing zone prevents tearing even under heavy use or by active individuals. To guarantee an impeccable fit, we have incorporated super soft and stretchy elastics in both the leg and waistbands, both at the front and back.

Whiff-X Technology: An Unparalleled Innovation

The hypoallergenic triple protection core is crafted using all-natural compounds and employs one-way absorption to keep moisture away from the skin. It actively neutralizes odors and bacteria, ensuring that unpleasant smells are eliminated during and after use, leaving you with a fresher experience throughout the day. Say goodbye to unwanted odors and enjoy the added freshness in your waste bin.

This product stands out within our line for its thickest core, providing unparalleled absorbency.


Size Medium Large X-Large
      Best Fit

76cm - 102cm 

30" - 40"

 84cm - 107cm 

33" - 42" 

      90cm - 120 cm 

           36" - 47" 

Max Fit

66cm - 120cm 

26" - 47" 

81cm - 132cm 

32" - 52"


82cm - 145cm 

33" - 57"

Capacity (ISO) 5426g 5815g  5661g  


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  • 5
    Incontrol premium nights

    Posted by STEVE on 2024 Apr 19th

    Great diapers for nighttime. Comfortable and secure.

  • 5
    Best night diaper I've used so far.

    Posted by Bill Rainwater on 2024 Mar 1st

    Almost forget I need a diaper. These are thin and comfortable. I feel dry even after a night of wetting accidents. Tapes are great and the odor control is amazing.. definitely a new favorite night diaper

  • 5
    Excellent and Returning Customer

    Posted by Nathan on 2024 Jan 24th

    This purchase is my second case. I'll be more than happy to buy this brief again. During use, I am comfortably able to wear for 10 hours without leaks. I highly recommend this brief. I am grateful for In control Diapers for being available. Hmm? I saw the sizing and found medium is no longer offered. I'm glad I'm a large.

  • 5
    Best Dang DIaper Anywhere!

    Posted by SBB on 2024 Jan 9th

    Best in poofyness, best in capacity, best in comfort. This is my go to from now on!!

  • 5
    As advertised, these do cut the whiff!

    Posted by Bradley Thuemen on 2024 Jan 6th

    I have been using these diapers for a few years now , and can't say enough good things about them! Super fast absorbency, low noise, and that whiff-x technology really does help with giving me back some normalcy to my medically complicated life. With the ability to hold substantial fluid and still maintain their shape... these really are a game changer for those of us who need the highest level of protection against bladder and bowel incontinence. 4 very strong tapes, with a large and generous landing zone, these diapers will leave you feeling secure all day long! I'd give them 6 stars if I could.

  • 4

    Posted by Eli on 2023 Dec 15th

    Not bad. Hols up just like inspire +. It could be me . Not as comfortable.. other than that. It would be a 5.

  • 5
    My NEW go to

    Posted by Chris on 2023 Dec 12th

    I was a ConfiDry 24/7 user until they went out of business. This brief/diaper in Large is a close fit to the 247 Medium but is a much better quality and higher capacity product. Between this product and one their parent company sells, I should be good for a long time. Thank you

  • 5

    Posted by Alan on 2023 Nov 6th

    I find these diapers to be extremely comfortable and absorbent. Finally a diaper that can be worn without the worry of leaks. I have been using these as daytime diapers as well when out for the day as they hold a lot and I can hide them under clothes pretty easy. Love the black color of them as it is harder for someone else to see they are wet.

  • 5
    Excellent Diaper

    Posted by David on 2023 Nov 6th

    It's comfortable and holds well beyond what I expect in my workday, the black color makes it discreet under my clothes and it does have amazing odor control when a bowel movement occurs. I definitely would recommend to others needing such a product.

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